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A theory about how Penguin and the disavow tool work.

There is so much confusion about how the disavow tool works.  Does it only start working when there is either a reconsideration request filed or an update of the Penguin algorithm, or does it really start working right away?  In this article I want to put forward a theory I have that could explain some of the unusual things that people have seen when using this tool. […]

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Should you pay for link removal?

Here is a response to one of my emails in which I ask a webmaster if they could remove a link to a client’s site.  This is the response in its entirety:   $125   Sigh.  That site went on our disavow file. If you are trying to remove links for the purpose of removing a manual penalty, then in most cases you do not have to […]

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Success Stories

Penalty Removal and Algorithmic Action Success Stories. We have had great success at removing unnatural links penalties.  We have been removing penalties since early 2012, and have worked with small businesses and large brands alike. We have also had great success with Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms. Manual Penalties are getting harder. Lately, since Google has started giving example unnatural links to site owners, we have found that […]

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