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The SNYCU podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to not only to inform you of current news in the search industry, but also to give you actionable tips, tutorials, and techniques that you can use to improve your website.

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May 26, 2022

In this episode, Marie welcomes MHC’s director of products and services, Callum Scott. Callum has incredible knowledge of how Google’s algorithms work. In this episode, he and Marie discuss the following:

– May 16-18 – unnamed Google update affecting a large number of affiliate sites.
– How MHC’s site reviews developed over the years
– How we help sites improve their E-A-T
– Why knowing semantic search gets SEOs ahead of the game
– Google is likely a lexical search engine and a semantic search engine.
– Semantic search and E-A-T
– Register for SMX Advanced to hear Marie speak on using a knowledge of semantic search to improve E-A-T. It’s free this year!…CxG2PCGqx
– Marie speaking with John Mueller and Barry Schwartz on Duda’s webinar about Google updates:
– Microsoft Azure article on semantic search:…emantic-ranking…search-overview
– Our struggles in offering recurring SEO services


You can also check out the Youtube video for this week’s episode for some additional visuals.


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