Most recent episode - let me help you diagnose a December traffic drop

We’ve had so many updates lately! It’s almost impossible to know why your traffic is down. And for many sites traffic *is* down tremendously.

In this episode I’ve discussed the craziness we’ve seen this year with Google updates. September Core Update. Helpful Content Update. Two spam updates…there are so many things that have happened!

On top of that many sites are losing traffic to Google Explore and because of ChatGPT.

We also discuss whether topic filter bubbles in search and continuous scroll on desktop could be impacting you.

And um, I just can’t talk about E-E-A-T without bursting out laughing. Still, this is very important as Google is now valuing not just Expertise, but also Experience.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

I’ve run out of time to edit the video for this week…perhaps I will publish this in the future, or keep it for my course. We’ll see!

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