Traffic Drop Assessment Course

Not sure if your site has been impacted by a Google update? Take my free Traffic Drop Assessment Course to find out! This course will help you identify which updates have potentially affected your site and point you towards valuable resources to help improve your site’s performance.


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traffic drop assessment course

Basic Plan: Google Update Impact Analysis

Need more personalized advice on which Google updates have impacted your site? My Google Update Impact Analysis plan provides a detailed assessment of your site’s analytics to identify the updates that have likely affected you. I’ll also provide recommendations for resources including official Google documentation and articles and videos by industry professionals.

Once payment is made, you’ll be asked to fill out a form to share info with me on your site. I’ll send a customized report to you within a week.

Advanced Plan: Content Improvement and brainstorming with Marie

Improve your site’s performance with a custom-tailored, content-focused strategy based on Google’s recommendations. My Content Improvement Blueprint includes:

  1. Google update impact analysis: I’ll identify which updates have likely affected your site.
  2. Keywords and pages to analyze in the eyes of Google’s recommendations: I’ll find several important keywords and show which content Google elevated at the time yours declined.
  3. Content quality analysis: A report with my recommendations for improving based on Google’s guidelines.
  4. Recovery expectations: Gain insight into the expected timeline, potential results of implementing the suggested improvements, and an assessment of whether recovery is likely or not.
  5. AI’s potential impact: My thoughts potential influence of AI on your business and how to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The best part is the brainstorming! This package includes:

  • Followup Google Meet / Zoom call to brainstorm together with you and your team once you have had time to digest the report.
  • Detailed report and video walkthrough, as I compare your site and competitors’ content following Google’s recommendations.
  • Second call with you and your team about a month later to see how things are going and brainstorm more. These calls so far have been so inspiring

All calls are recorded, transcribed and summarized.

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More about me

My joy in helping site owners was nothing more than a hobby when Google’s Penguin algorithm came out in 2012. (Did you know Penguin 4.0 was likely the introduction of AI into Google’s search algorithms?) This excitement grew into an obsession over understanding Google’s algorithms, a career, an agency, and speaking opportunities that have allowed me to share with the world my theories.

Marie Haynes speaking on SEO and Google's algorithms at the RD Summit in Brazil

It has been an honour to be a part of so many website’s success stories. I’ve worked with some of the most well known sites on the internet as well as hundreds of much smaller sites. Google’s documentation recommends my advice on E-A-T:

Here are a few of the sites that I have strategized with:


core update recovery


If you’ve ordered a traffic drop assessment, expect a turnaround of a week or less, depending on demand. Full reports including recovery advice take about 3 weeks to complete.

There is no consultation with the $500 traffic drop assessment report. If you have ordered the Advanced report with site improvements, we will book two calls. Your team and I will discuss the contents of the report, my advice for improvements, and my thoughts on how AI is impacting your industry. We will book a second call a month or so later to brainstorm further!

I am experimenting with using ChatGPT to help me assess content and whether it lines up with Google’s recommendations. For now, the vast majority of the report is hand crafted, but I often provide information on how you can use ChatGPT as a tool to improve site content in ways Google is likely to reward.

In the 11+ years I have been advising sites with traffic drops I have seen many recoveries, but not all sites can recover. The best cases have been websites that have a legitimate business presence even outside of Google. It is easier to demonstrate E-E-A-T when you have a clearly recognizable brand with an existing audience.

There are some cases that make me worry that recovery is not possible. I am concerned if any of the following are true for you:

  • If link building has been your main driving strategy.
  • If you have content that simply answers questions searchers may have. AI chat will make ranking for these queries difficult unless you are known as the go-to source on your topics.

I will give you an honest assessment of whether recovery is likely.

In most cases, if you have been impacted by a Google update, you will need to make significant improvements to site quality and then wait for Google to run another update. Core updates, product reviews updates and spam updates run a few times a year.

However, if you have been impacted by the helpful content system, it is a different story. The key here is to improve your content and then wait for a few months. If Google’s systems are satisfied your content is now helpful and has remained that way, they will lift the helpful content classifier that is suppressing your site. This can happen to degrees.

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Looking forward to helping you! (Note: I’ll be opening up my traffic drop assessments soon, so stay tuned.)


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