Instructions for adding Marie to your Google Analytics or Search Console

If you came here from Calendly, you’re booked! See you at our meeting. You can use these instructions to add me to analytics in case I want to analyze your site on the call.

I had a brilliant idea! I need sites to examine…and you need someone to help you figure out which Google updates impacted your site. I’d love for you to add me to your Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

The benefit to you: If I use your site in one of my sessions or teachings you’ll have personal insight from me on things like which Google updates may have affected you or my thoughts on why competitors are winning.

The benefit to me: I need examples to use for my workbooks, videos, tweets and courses. Only submit your site if you give me permission to share the following:

  • Screenshots/video of your analytics
  • Possibly, your url
  • Possibly, screenshots of your content

In the past, I have tried to keep sites given to me completely anonymous. With so many of Google’s recent updates being about content quality, I have found it difficult to share examples unless I can share screenshots of the site itself. This is why I had this idea…I can help you, and in return, I get a list of sites that I can draw from to better help others.

What if you want me to review your analytics privately?

I will be offering this, but not just yet as I’m currently creating a tool, book and course. For now, you can reach out to me to request a referral to someone whom I’d recommend hiring for traffic drop assessments. Or you can join the waiting list for when I do resume site reviews again.

Stay tuned to my Twitter account for more information on the Traffic Drop Assessment tool I am building as well.