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Dr. Marie HaynesI am once again taking on client consultations! I have spent the last year and a half thoroughly studying how Google’s AI ranking systems work so I can help you understand what has happened to rankings.

For many impacted by recent updates, it may not be possible to recover. For some, there are exciting opportunities ahead if you are willing to invest time and effort into truly understanding and meeting your audience’s needs. I would love to brainstorm with you to help you do that!

I am currently offering a few options for consulting:

1. Brainstorming site review session

Oh these are fun! I’ll spend time on my own first reviewing your site and competitors from the perspective of a searcher. Then, we’ll chat via Google Meet to discuss how your site likely looks to Google’s ranking systems and brainstorm on ideas for improvement.

The call can be recorded if you’d like to draw insights or action points from the transcript via AI. Our goal on this call is to learn what it is about your site that you can improve so that you show Google and more importantly, searchers, that your site truly is among the most helpful options to satisfy their search.

If you are an SEO consultant, you can also book this call as a consultant to brainstorm with me on a client’s site.

$3000 USD

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2. 1 hr call

Let’s get on a call to brainstorm! This call has no prep time. These are good for brainstorming on improving a single page, discussing one particular issue related to search that falls within my area of expertise, brainstorming about how your business can benefit from AI or following up following a full brainstorming session. Note: This is not a good option to discuss a traffic drop as I almost always need to spend some time beforehand digging in order to give you good advice. Choose the $3000 option if you want to discuss a traffic drop issue or something  you need me to investigate first.

$1200 USD

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3. Team Workshop: Understanding SEO in the Gemini Era. (And getting excited about AI.)

Again, one of my favourite things to do! I’ll give my current talk on AI and Search to your team, tailored to their needs and level of understanding. Then, we are going to have a group chat that will get your team thinking about change.

We can talk about how Search has changed and how to adapt how you create content based on this knowledge.

Or better yet, we can talk about the future and the many opportunities on the horizon for businesses that understand what’s happening with AI. As Mark Cuban recently said, “There are only two types of companies in this world: Those that are great at AI and everybody else. If you don’t know AI you are going to fail….It will have significant impact on everything that you do.”

The world is about to go through significant change. I am excited to brainstorm with the businesses who want to explore the opportunities that are opening up.

We should all leave this call with an excitement for the future and a solid understanding of what it takes to be found online in the Gemini era.

Contact me with the form below for more details on pricing.

Request more info on a Team Brainstorming workshop (Preference in booking will be given to teams I think I can help, and also those who make it easy for me in terms of administrative work.)

4. Thorough Site Review

(I am completely booked for site reviews for the next few months. It’s best to book the brainstorming call above. If you really want me to review your site and provide a report, use the form below and inquire about an urgency fee for me to work on your report over weekends & evenings. This fee is quite high right now.) 

I have completely revamped my site review process to focus on the things that are important when it comes to helping a site perform better in the Gemini era of Search.

AI has changed how Google ranks search results over the years, and dramatically so in the last year. When you understand just how much things have changed, it will radically change your thoughts on what it takes to rank. It really is primarily all about helpful content. Yet, it is hard for many SEOs to grasp what helpful content truly is.

My report will make it clear what it takes to be found in the Gemini era of search and give you loads of ideas.

We will start with a short call to discuss your concerns for your site and help me understand your business. Then, I will spend the next week studying your site and the competitors’ content that Google’s systems have started to prefer over yours.

You will get a report the following week.

Once you’ve digested the report, we can book a call to brainstorm further.

Your report includes:

  • Easy to understand information about how AI has changed how Google ranks search results.
  • Assessment of which Google updates and systems have impacted your site.
  • E-E-A-T assessment along with specific recommendations for improvement.
  • Thoughts on improving helpfulness.
  • Improving Page Experience. I’ll help you decide whether it would be worthwhile to work on improving Core Web Vitals.
  • Ideas for improving on originality, offering information gain, and being substantially more helpful than other sites.
  • Ideas for improving topical authority based on my method (which is totally in-line with Google’s guidelines.)
  • Assessment of your link profile. Includes an explanation of how Google’s use of links has changed and which links are important.
  • Ideas for getting good links that have the potential to help.
  • A look at the potential for LLM tools like Gemini and ChatGPT to impact your business.
  • Expectations for recovery.

$20,000 USD

If my prices are outside your budget

What I have loved doing the most is working with smaller site owners, especially those whose families are dependent upon your website’s income. I am concerned for so many of you. And there are so many of you. For a while I offered less expensive one hour brainstorming calls. Each became a grief counseling session as we realized that the world is changing in ways that make your website less and less needed.

I do believe recovery is possible for some sites impacted in the updates that started in September of 2023, and intensified with the March core and spam updates, but it will be difficult and require significant business changes that are likely out of reach for many.

My workbook is almost here. It will help you understand where to improve and what it will take.

I also believe that this is not the end of the journey for those of you who are able to adapt. There are so many opportunities on the horizon for those who have even the slightest understanding of how AI works. The problem is, while I can see opportunity for the future, this does not help those of you who are struggling right now.

There are a few ways I can help you:

  1. Join the Search Bar SEO and AI News space. It’s free. I made this community because I knew that with what’s coming with AI, there will be so much need for discussion. We can help each other in here. I will often join the chat area, where anyone is welcome to ask questions and share about their site or situation.
  2. Join the private area in Search Bar Pro. Currently $42/month. It’s a safe area where you are free to ask questions. This community is small but growing. I am happy to answer any questions in the chat or you can post in the section called Helpful Content / Algo Brainstorming to ask the community for thoughts on your site and its content.
  3. Check out Nick does good work in helping smart SEOs find work.
  4. Read through each newsletter episode I publish as anything important to Search and AI is in there.
  5. Spend time every day learning how to communicate with Gemini. If you can, pay for the Advanced version. It’s much better. Speaking to LLMs is like learning to communicate with a new species. It’s a skill to be developed. I predict that those who understand how to get the most out of these tools will soon be the people whom society look to for help as AI changes the world.

I do hope to one day do more in terms of helping us learn more about AI, and turn this knowledge into something incredibly practical and valuable. For now, in this season I will consult on Search. But change is coming!

Request more info on a Team Workshop or Site Review

Tell me more about your site and team, and how I can help you. (Serious inquiries about reviews only please.)

Tell me more about your site and team, and how I can help you. (Serious inquiries about reviews only please.)