Brainstorming session (1 hr review + 1 hr call, or 2 hr call) $1800

Currently this is the only option I’m offering as I’m working on understanding how to help those impacted by the helpful content system.

In this session, our goal will be to determine which Google systems are impacting your site and what it will likely take to improve. If you’ve been impacted by a Google core update or an unhelpful content classification, recovery is possible. It will usually take a significant amount of work in improving content over a period of months. However, there are some cases where it will not be possible to recover.

I’ll spend the hour before our booked meeting digging in to your analytics. Once you book, I’ll give you instructions on adding me to analytics and GSC.

By the end of this call, you should have a good understanding of what issues you are facing, whether the site can recover and what issues you will need to work on.

We can record the call and I’ll share the video and transcript with you. I’ve been having great success using Claude to summarize what we discussed and give you action points.

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Buy my workbook to help you improve content $150

The exercises in my Creating Helpful Content workbook will help you better understand user intent, and produce content that is likely to meet their needs. This is the key to ranking in today’s Google algorithms and systems.


If no times are available, I do sometimes offer urgency reports & assessments. These are significantly more expensive. Contact me for more details.
Looking forward to helping you!