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About Marie Haynes

Dr. Marie Haynes has been recognized as a leader in the SEO industry since 2008. Today, Marie is known for understanding how Google’s Search Algorithms work and sharing in layman’s terms how business owners can improve their websites. Marie has written for Search Engine Land and is often featured in authoritative SEO publications. Many in the SEO industry learn from her weekly SEO newsletter and podcast.

The Atlantic’s article called “The Open Secret of Google Search” says,

Any hunt for answers about Google’s Search algorithms will lead you into the world of SEO experts like Marie Haynes.

Marie recently consulted with for an investigative piece.

Marie focuses mostly on understanding what Google’s algorithms reward in terms of quality. She has helped hundreds of websites do better in Google search ranging from tiny mom and pop stores to large nationally recognized brands.

Here’s the latest podcast episode:

Featured Publications & Accomplishments

Dr. Haynes has written for Moz, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch advising on manual penalties, Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-E-A-T and Google’s algorithms and systems such as the helpful content system. She is also a regular speaker at Pubcon and SMX, two of the largest search engine marketing conferences.

Marie has been recommended in Forbes, the Huffington Post, Inc magazine, and Entrepreneur, and been featured on Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Journal, The SEM Post, and WebProNews.

MHC were also the winners of the 2019 Wix SEO Battle, winning $25,000 for ranking highest for the term “Wix SEO”.

Her most popular books right now:

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