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I am no longer offering consulting…at least for this season, and who knows for how long.

Google’s algorithms and systems are changing so dramatically. Machine learning systems have completely changed the game. My inbox is overflowing with requests for help and I’ve realized that in many cases, the things that are necessary to recover are unachievable by many websites.

100% of my focus right now is in understanding how AI is changing search and our lives as well and communicating that to the SEO community via my newsletter and podcast (resuming soon once I finish up my last client obligations.)

Recommended companies

Here is a list of companies and individuals I recommend for consulting. While no one knows what the future holds, and all of us are making our best guesses as understanding Google’s latest updates and future AI related changes, these folks are good, honest people whom I’d trust to help brainstorm with you.

Purchase my helpful content workbook. It’ll give you exercises to work through to produce content Google’s systems are likely to consider helpful.)

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I am not accepting invites for speaking, podcasts or interviews. I hope to soon review my podcast and will be focusing on my own content.  I’m not looking for new guests, thank you!

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I’m in the midst of transitioning to a new system using Convertkit + Mighty Networks. Hopefully newsletter issues will be resolved soon!

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I am a one woman show now, which means there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to respond to email. For many years I answered almost everyone who asked me for help. I’m completely overwhelmed now. Please only submit this form if you need help with your newsletter subscription or invoicing. Again, if you want to hire someone to help with your website, this is my list of recommended companies and consultants.

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