Understanding Google's Search Algorithms

Hi! I’m Marie Haynes. I’ve spent the last 15 years learning all I can about how Google’s Search Algorithms work and sharing all I can to help digital marketers get better results.

I used to be a veterinarian. In 2008 I created my first website and learned how to get it to rank on Google search.

In 2012 an obsession over understanding Google’s Penguin Algorithm, lead me to pursue SEO as a full time career. Since then I’ve had such a cool career. I’ve travelled around the world to speak at conferences and help site owners improve in ways that Google’s algorithms will reward. I ran a wonderful agency. I’m back to doing solo work now. Through my podcast and newsletter I have been able to help thousands improve their site quality and win more search presence.

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My newsletter started off as a way to inform people about Google updates like the Penguin and Panda algorithms. Over the years, it grew!

Today, over 9,000 SEOs including many of the world’s most known online brands keep up to date on topics like E-E-A-T, Google spam updates, Google’s AI driven algorithms, semantic search, topical authority and more.

The free version covers what you need to know. The paid version ($18 per month) goes deeper as I share examples from client work, my own ChatGPT and Bard use and theories on how Google’s algorithms work.

Subscribers of Search News You Can Use are website owners that are ahead of the game when it comes to improving in ways that Google will reward.

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Who is Marie Haynes?

Dr. Marie Haynes is recognized as a leader in the SEO industry and has 15 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes improve their site quality. She has helped train many of today’s brightest minds in the SEO industry. Marie is known for understanding Google’s rapidly changing search algorithms. She was among the first to teach on E-A-T (now E-E-A-T), using the Quality Raters’ Guidelines to improve site quality, and understanding SpamBrain. Marie has been featured on Search Engine Land, Search Engine Round Table and mentioned in many publications including The Atlantic, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

Today, she spends her time obsessively learning and sharing all she can on how AI is rapidly changing the digital marketing landscape:

  • How LLMs (Large Language Models) work. Recommended reading: What is ChatGPT doing?
  • How we can use tools like ChatGPT and Bard.
  • Google’s SGE (Search Generative Experience). Marie is a beta tester alongside many other SEO’s. She shares on Twitter and of course, in newsletter.
  • ChatGPT and Microsoft Plugins. Businesses are starting to create plugins that connect with all of Microsoft’s Copilot offerings including Windows.
  • How businesses are using AI to their advantage. AI is changing Google ads dramatically. It sounds like Google will give us the ability to train models on our data and then allow users to interact with it. Exciting things are happening!

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I’m sharing everything I can on Google’s Search Generative Experience (the SGE) and all of the important changes related to AI that I can find. Subscribers get a bunch extra from my client work, my thoughts on Google and how their algos work, ChatGPT prompts I’m using in my work and more.

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