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Become a Marie Haynes Recommended SEO

Do you do good work that complies with Google's Quality Guidelines? If so, I want to send clients to you! 


I get a lot of requests for recommendations for good SEO companies. Many of the businesses who come to me have been unsatisfied with the SEO work that they have had done in the past. The complaint that I hear time and time again is that it is quite difficult to find an SEO provider who is honest, trustworthy, communicates well and does good work.

If you are interested in becoming one of my recommended providers you can fill out the following application.

Note: I am SUPER picky on whom I recommend.

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Become a recommended SEO

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I'll reply within the next few days. If I think you may be a good fit I will likely request that you send me a couple of examples or case studies of sites that you have worked on.