Here are the current prices for Dr. Marie Haynes’ services.

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Traffic Drop Assessment

Site Quality Audit

Link Audit

Manual Penalty Removal

Hourly Consultation


  • Analytics analysis – Is Panda the culprit?  Could Penguin be a factor? Perhaps something else is wrong. It is important to know what problems we are dealing with before trying to recover.
  • Backlink overview – Not a full backlink audit, but rather, an overview to determine whether you have unnatural links.  I’ll advise you on whether or not a full backlink audit is necessary.
  • Brief Panda overview – This is a look for obvious areas of thin or low quality content.  Ideally though, if you know you have serious Panda issues, it is best to have the full Site Quality audit done (see below.)
  • Report – You will receive a thorough report with my findings.
  • Consultation – There is no phone consultation with this plan, but additional consultation by phone or email can be purchased at $150 per 30 minutes.

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  • Thin content assessment – Do you have pages on your site that should not be in Google’s index?
  • Page speed analysis – Do you have major page speed issues that need to be fixed?
  • Malware scan
  • Examination of robots.txt file, canonicals, etc.
  • Examination of url structure
  • Thorough evaluation of your site in regards to Amit Singhal’s 23 Questions for Panda hit sites.
  • A very thorough report – usually 60+ pages filled with actionable advice to improve site quality
  • 60 minute phone consultation included. If necessary, additional consultation can be purchased for $300 per hour.

Also available: Competitor analysis – The goal here is to see if your competitors have higher quality pages than you do.  What can you do to improve your page quality?  How can you make your site one that Google would want to show above your competitors?

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Backlink Audits

(Price is based on the number of domains linking with followed links as reported by

1-100 domains: $1,000

101-300 domains: $1,500

301-500 domains: $2,500

501-700 domains: $3,500

701-900 domains: $4,500

900+ domains – contact me for a quote.

You will receive a spreadsheet with all of your links and my disavow suggestions. We will discuss any debatable links.  Once we are in agreement I will create and file your disavow file.

All link audits are done on a manual link by link basis. We gather all available links from,,, Webmaster Tools Recent and Webmaster Tools sample as well as other sources including our own process that helps us find links that are indexed but not in the backlink checkers.

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Manual Penalty Removal

Contact for a quote

Dr. Marie Haynes is known as one of the best in the world in regards to manual penalty removal. Unnatural links penalty jobs start at $5000. Expedited plans for quick removal are available.

Marie is also experienced in removing thin content penalties, pure spam penalties, outbound link penalties and more. Contact us for a quote.

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Hourly Consultation

$300 per hour

A 10% discount is given if 3 or more hours are purchased at a time.

Marie can consult either by phone or email on issues surrounding Google penalties, traffic drops, algorithmic hits, Google friendly SEO, site quality issues and more.

Marie regularly consults with large brands and small businesses alike and advises on ways to improve search engine rankings that will comply with Google’s Quality Guidelines.

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