Get an early copy of “SEO in the Gemini Era” (And have a say in shaping my workbook & upcoming resources)


You're on this page because I'd love to share with you a copy of my new book, "SEO in the Gemini Era - The Story of How AI Changed Google Search."

I think you're really going to like it. And find it super helpful.

But there's a catch.

I would like you to act like a quality rater as you read my book. I'll give you a form you can use to jot down brief notes on the parts you found helpful and why. This will help me make the workbook that goes with this book as helpful as possible.

Speaking of the workbook...

I have opened up presales for my next workbook. And despite having hours of conversations with ChatGPT and Gemini on how to price this workbook, I am still struggling!

On one hand, I want to price it reasonably because I feel that everyone who does SEO on a website should read and use this. It has the potential to be the guidebook for how SEO is done in the Gemini era.

On the other, the information in this workbook reflects the culmination of 16 years of intensive study and brainstorming with business owners over understanding and winning in Google search. And, it has specific instructions for implementing several of my theories.

  • implementing my advice on building topical authority in ways that align with Google's guidelines.  (along with case studies showing wild growth)
  • using an understanding of vector spaces and how Google understands intent combined with your expertise to create incredibly relevant content

Early tests of this method are so promising.

GPTs and prompts

There are also GPTs and prompts  in the workbook you can use to brainstorm with an assistant, trained on important papers plus my writing and many anonymized site audits I have done over the years including specific advice brainstormed with clients, to give you ideas on:

  • Improving your online reputation for your topics
  • Creating truly helpful content
  • Demonstrating your experience in your content
  • Creating fresh content
  • Producing information gain
  • Creating content that understands and aligns with intent based on an understanding of how vector search works
  • Deciding on topics, microtopics and how to interlink them when working on improving topical authority via content creation. (Some will call this a topical map, but my process is much simpler and does not require tools beyond ChatGPT or Gemini.)

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to sell a limited number of workbooks for $250 for those of you who are willing to give me feedback. Your feedback will help me decide what to include in the final product, how much to charge, and which resources to create in the Search Bar to go along with this workbook. (Boy I have a bunch of ideas!)

Early adopters will have benefits as I figure out what other resources to create.

Convertkit - get your free copy of SEO in the Gemini Era: The story of how AI Changed Google Search

WORKBOOK: Purchase the pre-sale version to be an early adopter / feedback provider and get my workbook for $250. Ships mid-April or before.