Site Quality Assessments

Site Quality Assessments by MHC

Has your search traffic dropped? 

(or simply looking to  make a GOOD site BETTER?)

We specialize in improving website quality in ways which Google will reward.
Our reviews combine technical issues, competitor analysis, link analysis
and a thorough assessment through the eyes of
Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines.

All work is overseen by Dr. Marie Haynes

What is included in our reports

We pride ourselves in being extremely thorough! All reports are handwritten and take us 1-2 weeks of investigation.
Starting at $5000 USD
(See below for information on our less expensive LIGHT review)
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Homepage assessment
  • Site crawl and technical overview
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Thin content review
  • Quality Raters' Guidelines Review
  • Very thorough E-A-T assessment (with competitor comparisons)
  • Site Value as compared to competitors
  • You will receive a thorough report along with a large number of suggestions for improvement.
Site Quality

"Light" Site Quality Reviews

 We recognize that not all businesses can afford our full site quality review. If that is the case, and the Standard Site Quality Review is not feasible, the next best option would be our Lite Review. Instead of a full two week review, with the light review you will have an MHC team member poring over your site for two days to point out as many quality issues as possible. As with our full review, you will receive a document with loads of suggested changes you can make.


Marie Haynes

About Dr. Marie Haynes

Dr. Marie Haynes is known as a leader in the field of SEO. She speaks on the subject of Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-A-T, Panda, Penguin and unnatural links at conferences like SMX, Pubcon and Brighton SEO.

The Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. staff all work out of the same office in Ottawa, Ontario and are equally obsessed with helping businesses improve their online presence.

Our methodology

Over the last few years we have worked hard to develop a methodology to determine what factors make a difference when trying to improve upon E-A-T and overall site quality. This is based on hundreds of hours studying and taking notes on Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, Google Help Hangouts, Google Patents, private conversations with prominent members of Google’s Webspam team, and of course, based on what we have seen actually work for past clients.

Our site quality reviews are based on a template that Marie started developing in 2012. Every time we learn something new about how Google assesses quality, we update our process to investigate these new issues as well.

Our goal is to find as many ways as possible to improve the quality of your site. Although we cannot promise you will see better search traffic, most of our clients who implement our advice see nice improvements. Below are some real life examples.

Case studies

We LOVE talking about our success stories. The following are all examples of businesses who have implemented our advice and have seen nice gains.

Core Quality Algorithm Update Recovery

This website is a large medical information site. They were hit strongly by an algorithm update in April of 2017. Our report recommended specific instructions for improving E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust) as well as improving the overall user experience.

They very quickly saw close to a full recovery.

Google quality hit improvement

eCommerce store with nice improvements

This site came to us in the fall of 2017 and we did our standard site quality report for them. Although they hadn’t specifically been hit by an algo update, they wanted to improve their overall site quality.

Our recommendations included ways to improve their pages so that they had better value than their competitors, some technical fixes, trimming of thin content, and we also recommended some link cleanup.

We’re pretty proud of the results.

eCommerce traffic improvement

Another eCommerce win

This business is relatively new, but seeing great gains. We reviewed their site and made recommendations on improving thin content, greatly improving user experience and also reducing content that Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines describe as potentially “low quality content”.

They have been continuing to see great growth since we did our review in late 2017.

eCommerce Google traffic improvement

News site with a big E-A-T hit

This site was hit heavily with the February 7, 2017 algorithm update that had to do with E-A-T. We helped the site to improve E-A-T by showing off their authors’ expertise. We also recommended fixes for a large number of technical issues on the site.





Is this just an automated site audit?

Our reports are almost completely written by our team. While we do have some sections that we will copy and paste from a template that we have written, the vast majority of the information is crafted specifically for your site. We do use some automated site crawlers such as SEMRush and SiteBulb for most reviews. But, this is only a small portion of these reports. 

Do you guarantee success?

We can’t guarantee success for every site we work on. But, most of our customers do see good results after implementing our advice.

In some cases though, we have found that the site was only ranking previously because they had found ways to trick Google such as using a link network or other things that go against Google’s guidelines.

But, if you are a legitimate business, or a website that truly is valuable to people, then we really should be able to help you.

How involved will Marie be in my review?

Marie will be heavily involved in all aspects of the report. (Note: For “light reviews”, Marie is not always involved.) You will be assigned a team member who will coordinate communication and put together your report. That team member will lead the review in which the entire team, here at the MHC office just outside of Ottawa, Canada will review the site.

How long will it take to complete the review?

It generally takes us about two weeks to complete our review.

How much followup is included?

We are happy to answer any questions in regards to clarification or implementation of advice given in our report. This report does not include ongoing SEO consultation, however.


Marie has a wealth of SEO knowledge and is an authority when it comes to link auditing and best practices. She has helped us grow our website over the past few years and we are so thankful to have worked with her.

Chad Kremp, Kremp Florists

Marie is an exceptional SEO professional. She has offered us guidance and strategic insight into our organic traffic and rankings that have allowed us to take significant action. She is courteous, highly responsive, and is significantly knowledgeable in her area of expertise. We strongly recommend Marie to anyone looking for help with SEO.

Shear Comfort

Given my prior experience with SEO companies, I was half expecting some boilerplate recommendations and a heavy dosage of copying and pasting. This was clearly NOT the case! I can tell you put some serious heart, time, and effort into this thing. All the recommendations were unique and personalized.

Large e-Commerce Brand

We were having trouble ranking for even our branded terms and were about 2 months from killing the domain completely and starting over with a new site. With Marie’s help, we were able to regain almost all of our rankings and organic site traffic went from300 sessions/day to over 2,300 sessions/day. I can’t say enough about how helpful she has been and very well might have saved our business. ”

B2B Saas Business

Just wanted to thank you for the work you did on [site name removed for privacy]. According to Google Analytics the traffic between Oct 23 2014 – Dec 23, 2014 was 108,000 sessions. Compared to the same period last year there were 68,000 sessions. Your work nearly doubled my traffic!!!

Google Panda Recovery Client

Marie is a rarity in the world of SEO – she actually delivers what she says she is going to deliver! She is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward to deal with, great at communicating and thorough. We were looking for the best in the business – and we found her. As a director of a UK ecommerce company, I can recommend her and her team without hesitation

e-Commerce Brand


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