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Site Quality Assessments

I have been auditing websites since 2008. My specialty is in improving website quality in ways which Google will reward. My site quality review focuses extensively on changes you can make to help you improve E-A-T and overall content quality. I’ll also assess the quality of your backlinks to determine if you are at risk for a manual or algorithmic action due to poor link building practices.

For years my reviews focused on understanding a site like a quality rater would, based on Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG). These guidelines are important, but what is even more important is to assess a site based on Google’s list of core update questions:

My team and I have had great success in helping sites improve Google organic rankings and traffic by thoroughly reviewing them in the eyes of Google’s core update questions.

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Current pricing starting at: $9500 USD*

What's included in my reports

  • Analytics Analysis to assess past Google algorithm update hits
  • Site Crawl and Technical Overview – the goal is to find technical concerns that are clearly impacting overall site quallity
  • Thorough review in the eyes of Google’s core update questions
  • If applicable, you can add a  thorough review in the eyes of Google’s product review questions with guidelines on creating fantastic product/product review pages for an extra fee depending on how many pages you would like me to review.
  • Very thorough E-A-T Assessment (with competitor comparisons) and recommendations for improving both on and off-site E-A-T. My guide to E-A-T is referenced in Google’s documentation.
  • Site Value Compared to Competitors – We’ll choose a keyword/url together to investigate. Preferably one that declined with a past Google update.
  • Video walkthrough of Marie explaining the major site issues can be added for $2000.

You will receive a thorough report along with a large number of suggested improvements. 

*Pricing is dependent on site size and complexity as well as current demand. My current demand is moderate. My waiting list currently is 2-3 months to start a new project. I do occasionally open up “urgency slots” to have me complete reviews sooner, but these do tend to be pricey.

If my review is out of your budget, or if you are not able to wait, I am happy to recommend an SEO/agency to review your site. I have several recommendations for intelligent site auditors who have trained with me for years. 

You may also be interested in booking a one hour strategy session with me. I recently started offering these and have thoroughly enjoyed brainstorming with site owners on improving site quality and taking advantage of understanding where Google’s algorithms are heading.

Site Quality Video Review $4500

I recognize that not all businesses can afford my full site quality review. I’m now starting to offer a video walkthrough review. Instead of a standard three to four-week review with a long report, I will spend a full day reviewing your site in the eyes of Google’s core update questions. I’ll then provide you with a video documenting my recommendations. The goal is to provide you with practical tips for improving E-A-T and overall site quality. Note: There is no written report, technical crawl, or ongoing consulting with a video review. 


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Whether you have had a traffic drop, or are simply looking to do better, my review will be packed with helpful information.

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About Marie

Dr. Marie Haynes is known as a leader in the field of SEO. She speaks on the subject of Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-A-T, Panda, Penguin and unnatural links at conferences like SMX, Pubcon and Brighton SEO.


“There are no shortcuts to great content that Google trusts. However, Marie Haynes can show you exactly what you need to improve. She’s amazing.”

— Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, Founder & CEO, Diet Doctor

Our Methodology

Dr. Marie Haynes is known as a leader in the field of SEO. She speaks on the subject of Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-A-T, Panda, Penguin and unnatural links at conferences like SMX, Pubcon and Brighton SEO.

Over the last few years we have worked hard to develop a methodology to determine what factors make a difference when trying to improve upon E-A-T and overall site quality. This is based on hundreds of hours studying and taking notes on Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, Google published documentation, Google Help Hangouts, Google Patents, private conversations with prominent members of Google’s Webspam team, and of course, based on what we have seen actually work for past clients.

Our site quality reviews change regularly! If you have had a site quality review in the past, you may find our new reviews are even more helpful! We put great emphasis on Google’s core update and product reviews questions now.

Our goal is to find as many ways as possible to improve the quality of your site. Although we cannot promise you will see better search traffic, most of our clients who implement our advice see nice improvements. Below are some real life examples.


The standard site quality assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your site based on the most up-to-date understanding of how to succeed in Google organic search.


No, the right tool for the right job can be helpful however, at MHC we don’t rely on tools and understand their limitations. We leverage some automated site crawlers such as SEMRush, Ahrefs or Screaming Frog in most reviews for small portion of these reports.

For the vast majority of our site quality assessments, our reports are specifically tailored for your website and completed manually by Marie. Our assessments contain some templated content that we have written however, it is always catered to be applicable to your website and unique circumstance.

Unfortunately, the digital landscape is constantly changing and SEO is a long game so we can’t guarantee success for every site we work on (be weary of those who do). However, most of our customers do see good results after implementing our advice.

In some cases, we have found that the site was only ranking previously because they had found ways to trick Google such as using a link network or other things that go against Google’s guidelines.

If you are a legitimate business, or a website that truly is valuable to people, then we really should be able to help you. Take a look at some of our amazing success stories!

No, the site quality assessment includes a detailed analysis of your backlink profile to determine whether a backlink audit and disavow would be helpful for the site.

The only service that includes the creation of a disavow file is our manual link auditing service. In 2022, most sites will not see a benefit from a link audit and disavow. Only sites that are actively at risk of a manual action (or potentially algorithmic suppression) require this. You can read more about disavowing in 2022 here.

The video review is a new product we are trying. Marie will spend a full day assessing your site and then creating a video to walk through and screenshare as many areas for improvement as possible. Most of the suggestions are made based on Google’s advice on what site owners should know about core updates.

I am happy to do a Zoom call following delivery of our report to provide clarification on the contents of the report and review it with your team if desired. This time is not transferable for regular consulting hours. Additional consulting hours can be purchased if you require additional assistance. In some cases I am available for ongoing strategic consultation.

Marie is now completing all site quality reviews once again!

The site quality assessment takes 2-3 weeks to complete and deliver. It may take longer if unusual complexities are uncovered, or if Google releases a significant update that requires my attention to cover for the SEO community.

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