Traffic Drop Assessment

Has your Google traffic dropped?

Have Dr. Marie Haynes review your website and determine why it is not performing well.

magnifying-glassIs it Panda? Penguin? Something else?

Have you seen a drop in web traffic, but you’re not sure why? It is vitally important to determine why a website is not doing well before trying to make any fixes. I have seen several scenarios in which a site owner was frantically trying to disavow links when links were not the problem. I’ve also seen sites trying to recover from Panda when really the issue was a technical problem with urls changing after a site move.

How to determine why a site’s traffic dropped.

When I do a traffic drop assessment I am looking at a number of clues. If I have access to analytics data, then this is the most helpful. But, I can also get information from other tools that can help me decide whether a site’s traffic was affected by a Google algorithm change. I use information from this source that I put together that shows algorithm changes and other things that could affect rankings. I also look at a number of on site factors as well as gather clues from Webmaster Tools.

What is included in a traffic drop assessment by Dr. Marie Haynes?

For each assessment I spend several hours reviewing as much information as I can. The goal here is to determine what is holding you back and give you a general idea of what needs to be fixed. If Panda is a culprit, then you may need a more thorough Site Quality audit. If Penguin is the culprit, then we will need to be doing a backlink audit. In some cases, however, there can be easy fixes that don’t require further audit work. In other cases, unfortunately, my recommendation may be that recovery of this site would be very difficult and it might be a good idea to start over.

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Traffic Drop Assessment January 21, 2015


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