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Traffic Drop Assessments

Have you experienced a drop in Google traffic? Our traffic drop analysis offer a manual in-depth assessment of your traffic and ranking data in order to arrive at a feasible recovery strategy.

We are able to:

  • Isolate particular page types, query types, site sections, or subdirectories that may have been specifically impacted so we can determine the correct path for recovery.
  • Provide insight as to whether the drop in traffic was likely due to a technical, seasonal, or algorithmic change.
  • In cases where algorithmic shifts were responsible for the drop, we dig further to determine whether the drop was due to: 
    • An intent shift
    • A relevancy shift
    • A broader quality issue with the site


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Starting at $3750 USD*

What's included?

Our traffic drop analysis is tailored to each particular client. Each of our reports is a custom report geared toward your specific traffic and ranking fluctuations.  As part of the report, you will receive our written analysis as well as several sheets of data pertaining to your traffic drop.

A note about our other services

Traffic drop assessments can be delivered as a standalone service. Depending on your site’s particular needs, it may be recommended that other services (most commonly our site quality assessments) are also provided to properly assist with recovery.

About Alec

Alec Brownscombe is our technical director and full-time senior analyst with MHC. Alec spends many of his days advising clients on technical and overall site quality. He oversees our technical SEO auditing and oversees all of MHC’s traffic drop assessments.

How it works

The traffic drop assessment makes use of multiple cutting edge tools which help us pull and sort data from the GSC API. We also export data from Google Analytics as needed and often utilize additional SEO tools to assess the competitive landscape. The analysis is all conducted manually. 

Due to GSC only storing data for 16 months, traffic drop assessments may not be possible if your traffic drop occurred past this point in time.


Once we have started, the average traffic drop assessment takes 1-2 weeks to complete. This can vary depending on the size of the site and whether we are investigating multiple traffic drops.

The traffic drop assessment is not a full assessment of site quality. The main goal of the traffic drop assessment is to correctly contextualize your traffic drop and determine the best path toward recovery (if recovery is possible).

That said, we will spend some time familiarizing ourselves with the site’s structure, content quality, E-A-T, top traffic and revenue-driving pages, seasonal traffic patterns, and the competitive landscape in order to assess your traffic/ranking fluctuations accurately.

If a technical issue is the cause of the traffic drop, we will often catch this during a traffic drop assessment. However, a full consultation on the technical issue(s) may be beyond the scope and could require further consultation to fully address.

Recovery cannot be guaranteed. Modern-day Google search is an extremely dynamic ecosystem. Google traffic loss can sometimes be irreversible due to evolutions in Google’s understanding of search intent or SERP feature changes, among many other possible factors that are sometimes beyond our control. We are always honest with clients about the prospects of recovering lost traffic.

The MHC team is also adept at devising alternative ways to create new traffic opportunities in cases where previous traffic lost is unlikely to return to the site. Note that this requires strategic consultation beyond the traffic drop assessment.

MHC’s preferred method of payment is via ACH or Wire Transfer. Alternatively, we can accept Wise (All major Credit Cards) or Paypal. 

For most projects, we require payment up first (a minimum 50% deposit). Payment plans are available upon request.

Yes, over the years MHC has worked with a lot of non-English sites and on our team we have a number of SEOs who are proficient in multiple languages. 

We do charge an additional 50% fee for working on non-English language sites. This is to cover the additional resources required, as well as the time assessing the competitive landscape in your region.

We will need full access to both Google Search Console and Google Analytics to complete the traffic drop assessment.

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