Purchase Marie Haynes' site review template and process

This template is designed to help you communicate with your clients about recent and potential future search changes. For the first time, I am making it available for purchase.

My site review process started in 2012 when I first began analyzing sites impacted by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Today’s version is now presented to clients as a Google Slide deck. The template you will purchase includes:

  • Assessing traffic drops – including several videos of me walking through real examples of sites impacted by Google updates.
  • Assessing the impact of Google’s AI systems including the helpful content system, SpamBrain and the reviews system.
  • How to compare content across competitors whom Google’s algorithms are elevating to determine what changes could be made to improve quality and better align with Google’s recommendations on producing the type of content they want to rank.
  • Advising on what is important regarding E-E-A-T.
  • Preparing for the SGE, Bard, Gemini
  • Potential opportunities such as AI powered ads, VertexAI, and more opportunities as they arise.

Use this link to purchase the template. You’ll be taken to a page where you can make a copy of the slide deck for yourself.

Who is this product for?

The template is meant to help those who do SEO professionally. You can use it to do a specialized site review for your clients or to simply help you with client communication. If you have digital marketing clients or advise in any way on Google Search, the template will help you understand more about what issues Google’s algorithms are likely to have with a site, what types of improvements are likely to help, and most importantly will help you communicate what is important to know about upcoming AI related changes to Search such as the SGE, Bard, ChatGPT and Google Gemini/Magi.

Note: While I’ve done all I can to explain how I review sites, completing site audits with this template will require SEO experience and knowledge. I do hope in the future to offer training and support alongside this template if there is enough interest.

Why $500?

I have agonized over the decision of how much to charge for access to my site review template.

What started as a quick $89 check of a site’s analytics has evolved significantly over the years. By 2017 I had so much demand for my site reviews that I hired and trained a team to work with me. At one point, MHC employed an entire team of 12, most working on site reviews full time, often with a significant waiting list for our work. We helped so many businesses improve their organic search traffic and had so much fun doing this! Our fee for the previous version of this review (a very long Google doc report) was $9500 USD.

The pandemic changed MHC dramatically. While we still did great work, the joy of brainstorming together in person disappeared as we were forced into lockdown and remote work. In 2022, I made the difficult decision to shift my attention from running an agency to focus once again on learning as much as I can and helping business owners directly with my advice.

As a solo consultant, I have charged $35K+ for a site review using this process. I don’t expect you can charge this much as much of this fee is paying for my years of experience and insight in analyzing sites impacted by traffic drops. Still, there is a shortage of SEOs who are truly knowledgeable about how Google’s algorithms work. I expect that an SEO who already has a clientbase can do so much to help these businesses with the knowledge that is in this template.

I likely can, and probably eventually will, sell this process for much more. I settled on $500 after hours of deliberation including some very interesting discussions with ChatGPT. I told ChatGPT that as we made this decision we were to keep my three goals in mind. In this order:

  • Help as many people as possible
  • Have a good work/life balance so I can enjoy time with my family
  • Make some money

I then fed it loads of data – how many followers I have on social media, my newsletter engagement stats, what I’ve charged for work and products in the past and whether or not they were successful, and what similar products were selling for. At one point, Chat and I decided on a price of $2000. Then, we went back to revisit my original criteria. In order to help the most people, we decided the price needed to be less. Also, as much as I would love to one day offer this template alongside a thorough training program and perhaps a membership or support group of some sort, point two is important. After working like a maniac building, creating, teaching, and learning at an unreal pace for so many years, I would like to settle into a place where I can take work when I want it, yet still help lots of people.

If this template is popular and I do add more support, training and resources, the price will go up.

Can I charge for site audits using this template?

Yes! With some conditions:

  • You can advertise and tell clients that you are using the site review process Marie Haynes developed. But, you can’t imply that you are trained by me, working with me, or that I have contributed in any way to the work you are providing.
  • You cannot sell the template itself.

Use this link to purchase the template. You’ll be taken to a page where you can make a copy of the slide deck for yourself.

As I do site reviews, I am constantly updating my live template.

Note: You’ll need to purchase the $500 option before signing up for the live updates. The live update option will give you a version of the template I update whenever there is a Google update or significant change I want to discuss.

This is something new I’m offering! I hope you find it helpful!