SEO in the Gemini Era Course

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AI systems have radically changed how Google ranks search results!

This 280+ page Google doc resource is a combination of a textbook, course and contains workbook exercises as well. All are designed to help us improve our websites using a knowledge of how today’s Search systems work.

This course goes along with Marie’s book, SEO in the Gemini Era: The Story of How AI Changed Google Search.

PURCHASE BUNDLE – $625 – includes the course, workbook and book

PURCHASE COURSE alone – $500

Who is this for: SEO professionals, advanced SEOs and site owners who really want to learn about Search in the Gemini era and turn that learning into strategy. 

If you earn money by using a knowledge of how Search works to improve organic search performance then this course is built for you. Those who can understand and explain how Google’s core ranking systems RankBrain, DeepRank and BERT work to rank results will have advantages over those optimizing for Google’s traditional pre-AI search algorithms.

Includes many exercises and Marie’s specific strategy for developing topical authority, understanding and meeting user intent and becoming known as a provider of fresh content. 

Sections in this course

How Search Works

Search is a Library. We have spent years learning how to make our websites look good to the Librarian. However, over the years the Librarian has learned new ways to determine which resources searchers are finding helpful. Much of what we know as attributes in traditional search are now used as signals in machine learning systems. When you grasp this, it will change your mindset on what it takes to rank!

  • We’ll thoroughly study Google’s documentation on how to organize and rank results. 
  • The Pandu Nayak testimony from the DOJ vs Google trial
  • Instant Glue, Navboost, RankBrain, DeepRank & RankEmbed BERT
  • Why you might be struggling to get content indexed
  • How Google’s systems may have moved beyond Navboost and learned to predict rankings without as much need for storing user click data


By far the most important thing we can learn is to understand the intent of our searchers and how to meet it.

  • Vector search
  • BERT and the version tuned for Search: RankEmbed BERT
  • DeepRank is a version of BERT that Google uses to understand the world by learning from what searchers click on.
  • Exercise: Improving your pages by understanding intent
  • GPT: Understanding intent and meeting searcher need. This AI assistant has a bunch of knowledge and instructions behind it. It’s like brainstorming with me!
  • Prompts you can use in ChatGPT and Gemini to help you brainstorm on understanding and meeting intent.

The Quality Raters

Raters rate results in terms of quality and needs met. If the overall scores from the raters go up, search is doing a good job. Machine learning systems work together to predict rankings. Raters rate these “retrained results”. Their scores, called IS, and also IS4@5 scores help fine-tune the machine learning systems that determine Search rankings.

  • How raters are used
  • IS scores and how they are used to improve Search
  • Exercise: Rater your site like a quality rater

Links / Reputation Building

How Google uses links has changed. They still matter, but not for the same reasons as they did years ago. PageRank is one signal that Google learned to use in algorithms designed to make ranking predictions. Today’s machine learning systems use many signals in even more complex calculations. This section should help you determine whether you should be investing time in link building, and if so, gives you loads of ideas to do things to not only get links, but better yet, improve your reputation so you are known for your topics.

You can brainstorm with my Reputation Builder GPT AI assistant or use prompts I’ve created to help you come up with ideas for becoming better known.

The Knowledge Graph and its Topic Layer

Did you know that Google builds the knowledge graph by learning from what people are searching for and finding relevant? It’s the knowledge graph that make search intelligent. There is an entire layer of the knowledge graph dedicated to understanding topics deeply.

Topical Authority

This is an intensive section of the course. We will look at several important Google documents and papers to help us understand topic modeling. I lay out my strategy and recommendations for producing topical authority including:

  • How to decide which topics to become known for
  • What to use as a hub page and spoke pages for your topic clusters
  • Should you change your url structure?
  • How to link internally and what words to use for your anchor text
  • My method for improving Topical Authority: People-first Topical Authority
  • My method is newly published with this course! If you choose the course + community*** option, you can join the new Topic Authority Explorers Group where we’ll share how we’re experimenting with my method.
  • Brainstorm with my Topical Authority GPT AI Assistant and prompts you can use in Gemini. 

Originality / Information Gain

Google doesn’t need more content on your topic unless it is original, insightful, and something that people would find helpful even if they have viewed the pages that currently are ranking well. This section has LOADS of ideas designed to spark ideas and creativity.

  • Google’s information gain patent
  • Exercise: Study the information gain of results in the SERPs
  • Drawing from your experience to produce information gain
  • Brainstorm with my Helpful Content Brainstormer GPT and Gemini Prompts


I believe freshness is one of the most important considerations in ranking for most queries. Think about this the next time you grab your phone and search something. Do you want information on that topic, or do you want the most recent, fresh information?

  • Google’s freshness systems
  • Google’s Freshness-based ranking patent
  • How does Google determine when freshness is important?
  • The QtoP metric. Are you a “Fresh Provider”? 
  • Exercise: Learn about freshness from your SERPs 
  • My theory that combines Topical Authority + Freshness


E-E-A-T is used by Google as a template for every query. I think of E-E-A-T like the concept the world has of you and what you are known for. 

  • Understanding E-E-A-T as a concept
  • Are you lacking E-E-A-T? Can it be remedied?
  • Should you be working on E-E-A-T?
  • Learning from the QRG on Experience
  • Experience as a source of information gain
  • A BUNCH of ideas to help you draw from your experience
  • Brainstorm with my E-E-A-T GPT and prompts

Product reviews

There’s a brief section in the course that is a must-read for anyone who writes about products or services. If you are creating content that helps people decide where and how to spend their money, this content is assessed under Google’s Reviews system.

  • Are you an authority?
  • Understand your searcher’s micro-intents
  • Creative ideas for product reviews
  • Brainstorm with my Product Review GPT and prompts.


SEOs in the Gemini Era Community

I am so excited for this community! This community gives you access to the private discussion areas of the Search Bar, my paid newsletter, Marie’s Notes, and also a new group dedicated to discussing the strategies I’ve outlined in this course.

  • Ask questions about course content
  • Get feedback on SEO strategies from the community and also Marie
  • Monthly group meeting with Search Bar Pro members and Marie to brainstorm together on the future of Search and how we can win!
  • Search and AI news: Be notified when something important happens in Search
  • Be notified about significant changes or additions to the course content
  • Ask support questions about the course

The community bundle Includes:

    • Book: SEO in the Gemini Era: The Story of how AI Changed Google Search
    • Workbook: Traffic Drop Diagnosis
    • Workbook: Put Yourself in the Shoes of a Searcher
    • Course: SEO in the Gemini Era
    • membership in the new SEOs in the Gemini Era Group at the Search Bar
  • Discuss strategies for developing topical authority, SEO tests, using AI for SEO and more.
  • Search Bar Pro Membership 
  • Marie’s Notes Subscription (access to my weekly Google doc on what’s important to Search and AI)
  • Monthly Search Bar Pro Group call with Marie to discuss the latest in Search and AI and strategies and opportunities that are working for Search Bar members
  • SEOs in the Gemini Era Group in the Search Bar (A new group for sharing and testing the theories discussed in the Course. We will learn SEO in the Gemini Era together!)

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