Marie Haynes' Newsletter - November 18, 2022 - Episode 261 - Light Version

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Barry Schwartz’ interview with HJ Kim of Google is the most interesting I’ve seen in a long time. He mentioned an algorithm called Coati which every SEO should know about. In this episode we’ll discuss that. We’ll talk a lot about E-A-T and discuss some exciting new changes to search for ECommerce sites. There’s also some good discussion on AI content writing tools and whether using them is a good idea.

In the premium version this week, I give a lot of thoughts on whether structured data misuse can hurt your rankings, new features on TikTok and YouTube to lure creators, my thoughts on AI content writing tools, and a lot of discussion on E-A-T and Coati.

This week in SEO: What you need to know

1)Google has rolled out new Multi-Search features

Our SERPs are changing! Google has launched Multisearch Near Me and a few other features like 3D Augmented Reality for shoes and beauty products.

2) New Shopping tab in GSC

3) New Google algorithm: Coati (New to SEOs)

Barry Shwartz’s interview with HJ Kim of Google was incredible. He shared that E-A-T is used in every single query searched on Google. He also mentioned an algorithm called Coati. Panda evolved into Coati which is now a part of the core algorithm. I believe that much of how E-A-T is evaluated and used depends on Coati. Discussed more below.

3) Structured data misuse can result in lower rankings

I have always said that structured data manual actions only lead to losing your rich results, like review stars, in the search results. This tweet caused an interesting discussion. (More shared below.)


What is E-A-T?

This week we learned from Google’s HJ Kim that E-A-T is used for every single query searched on Google! In this episode Dr. Marie Haynes shares advanced information on how to assess E-A-T.

Audience questions answered:

Does E-A-T matter for tech blogs?
Is being mentioned on a big news site good for E-A-T?
Does adding expert reviewers help?
How would an ed-tech platform increase E-A-T?
How do you measure E-A-T?
Should you update old articles that were not written with E-A-T in mind?
Common E-A-T mistakes and misconceptions
Examples of sites doing well after improving E-A-T
How do you do an E-A-T audit?


There will be a YouTube video for this episode, out next week.


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Local SEO

Many reports of GBP reviews disappearing

It turns out this was indeed a bug. Google tweeted that they have fixed this as of November 16. If you lost reviews they should be restored.

Good thread about using keywords in your business name

Reviews showing when a review has reviewed similar businesses

This reminded me of years ago when Bill Slawski was discussing a patent that could possibly be in use here. Bill said, “Someone who writes 34 reviews about “Italian Restaurants in New York City” might be seen as a local expert in New York City. Someone writing 10 reviews on chocolate stores throughout the United States might be seen as a local expert (in the United States) on stores that sell chocolate.” It makes sense that if I’ve left reviews for Vietnamese Pho restaurants all over Ottawa, that perhaps I am someone experienced in eating Pho.

Adding local business schema using RankMath


Marie's speaking and articles

My SMX talk

Register for SMX Next and you can catch my talk on Google’s algorithms.

This is a really important talk. I share my thoughts on how machine learning is likely determining how much to weigh ranking factors for most queries. No SEO can decode Google’s algorithms. The more Google uses machine learning the better they will get at ranking content that is simply the most helpful. Thankfully Google has given us so many resources to draw on to understand how to create helpful content.

Here are my slides for this talk.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did creating it!

If you’re looking for more, you can buy my book that many use as a checklist for assessing E-A-T like a quality rater.


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