SEO Companies and Consultants Recommended by Marie Haynes

Recommended consultants and agencies

For many years I worked one on one with site owners. For several, I had a team working with me doing this. I have recently come to realize that I can help more people by learning what Google is doing and spending my time producing content in the form of blog posts, podcast episodes and videos. For now, I am not doing individual consulting.

The following are people and companies whom I trust. They are not AI experts – none of us are prepared for these changes our civilization is about to go through! But, they are good people who understand Search and who have learned from and alongside me for many years.

Traffic drop analysis / Overall site quality improvement / Medical E-E-A-T advice

Dylan, Cass, Alec and Callum at Blue Orchid Digital. These amazing folks were my original first four hires. They worked tirelessly to help us all understand Google’s systems and what they reward. If you have suffered a traffic drop, need technical help, are dealing with a manual action, or are a site producing medical content, this team can help you.

Site quality improvement, SEO strategy, especially medical sites

Jane Phelps of Know Agency. Jane and her team have studied my newsletter since the beginning. They created a quality raters’ guidelines audit and advise their clients on producing helpful content. They have worked with many medical eCommerce sites as well as working with well known brands from other verticals as well.

eCommerce strategy

Sheena Schleicher of Schleicher Marketing. This team specializes in eCommerce strategy, site architecture, migration projects, technical SEO audits, and content strategy. They are known for their people-first, brand-focused approach to SEO, Sheena’s consistent contributions during the early days of the SEOMoz community, as well as their ongoing collaboration with Shopify’s product team to improve the platform’s out-of-the-box SEO-friendliness.

Consulting and one on one guidance

Vlad Rappoport. Vlad has loads of experience in producing content, especially medical content enriched with user generated content. He understands a lot about the helpful content system and is a smart person to brainstorm with. Vlad particularly understands how Google’s broad core updates work and value E-E-A-T. He’s available for consultations and site audits.

Blair MacGregor. Blair also has done extensive work in understanding how Google’s systems work. He understands the helpful content system and Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines and has an extensive background for improving E-E-A-T for publishers in financial, health, and legal spaces. He is available for consultation.

PR / Links that likely help with E-E-A-T and content creation

Nicole DeLeon of North Star Inbound – Nicole and her team are excellent at helping brands create content, then getting links to that content. The way Google’s systems value links has changed over the years. I have been sending clients to Nicole for many years now. Her team is highly recommended.

GA4 Help

Brie Anderson knows so much about GA4. Here’s her course and website.

Dana DiTomaso and the team at Kickpoint are who I hired to get me set up with GA4. Dana has a great course for GA4 as well.

If both of these ladies are booked (as they often are), I have found I have been able to get a lot of help on using GA4 from asking Bard.

More to come

There are many people who could be on this list. I hope to expand it soon. If you are someone whom I’ve known a long time and you want to be on this list, reach out to me and we’ll chat.

Working with Marie Haynes

For now I am not taking on new clients. I’ll be focusing on learning more as we transition into the AI era and creating content to help you.

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