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My team and I have vast expertise in traffic-drop analysis, site and content quality, penalty removal, and link quality. Our approach to improving a site’s overall organic visibility is rooted in our deep understanding of the quality signals most important to users and to Google.

We are recognized in the industry for our expertise in Google’s evaluation of quality, the Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-A-T, Google algorithm updates, unnatural links, technical SEO, and much more.

Not sure if you need a Traffic Drop Assessment or a Site Quality Review?

In most cases the Site Quality Review is the way to go. There are four main reasons why traffic drops:

  1. Site quality needs improving (content, technical, UX, etc.)
  2. Google’s understanding of relevance/intent has changed
  3. Competitors have improved
  4. Search behavior has changed

The traffic drop assessment can help determine which of those four factors are likely contributing to your drop and whether recovery is attainable. In most cases our conclusion is that site quality should be improved, but not always! The traffic drop package is an assessment. The site quality review on the other hand, comes with many pages of actionable advice for recovery.

New video reviews!

I am trying something new right now. If you cannot afford my full site quality review, you may be interested in having me do an assessment of your site over video. There’s more information in our documentation on our site quality assessments.

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Site Quality Assessments

We specialize in improving website and content quality in ways which Google will reward. After years of assessing websites, we have found that content and site quality are critical in ranking. Our independent analysis combines:

  • Analytics Analysis to look for drops in Google organic traffic
  • Site crawl and technical SEO Review
  • Page Speed & Core Web Vitals
  • Thorough review in the eyes of Google’s core update questions which includes assessing your site like a quality rater.
  • If applicable, you can add a  thorough review in the eyes of Google’s product review questions with guidelines on creating fantastic product/product review pages for an extra fee depending on how many pages you would like me to review.
  • E-A-T Assessment with competitor comparisons
  • A video walkthrough can be added for $2000
  • and more!

The final product consists of a thorough report detailing our findings with a prioritized action plan to help inform your organic SEO strategy going forward.

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Video Site Assessment

I’m now starting to offer a video walkthrough review. Instead of a standard three to four-week review with a long report, I will spend a full day reviewing your site in the eyes of Google’s core update questions. I’ll then provide you with a video documenting my recommendations. The goal is to provide you with practical tips for improving E-A-T and overall site quality. Note: There is no written report, technical crawl, or ongoing consulting with a video review. 


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Traffic Drop Assessments

If you’ve experienced a drop in Google organic traffic, our traffic drop assessments offer a manual in-depth analysis of your traffic and ranking data in order to arrive at a feasible recovery strategy.

We will determine:

  • If the traffic loss is site-wide or if particular groupings of pages and queries have been impacted
  • If the drop(s) were due to a Google algorithm shift (intent or relevancy) or site quality issue
  • The best path forward toward recovery where recovery is possible

Our process consists of a manual analysis of your ranking data using a combination of cutting edge tools and years of experience.

The traffic drop assessment does not come with recovery advice. If you’re trying to determine why site quality dropped and are not sure whether it is a Google update or something else, this report can help. If you are looking for advice on recovery after a Google algorithm update hit, the site quality or video walkthrough review is recommended.

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Manual Link Audits

Links continue to be one of the most powerful core ranking signals in Google search. If you’re worried about possible link-related issues with your site, Marie Haynes’ team is the industry leader in understanding link quality.

Our link audits will:

  • Investigate the quality of your links.
  • Assess whether these links violate Google guidelines.
  • Determine the level of risk your website may be for a manual action.

Our team has several years of experience when it comes to evaluating link quality and using Google’s disavow tool. Some will use SEO tools to audit links; however, we have found this to be an ineffective method. We spend several hours manually auditing individual links to help improve your site quality.

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Manual Action Removal

A manual action means that a member of Google’s webspam team has determined that your site is violating Google’s guidelines. You can determine whether your site has a manual action by checking the manual actions section in Google Search Console. A manual action from Google can affect a website’s ability to rank.

While removing a Google penalty has become very difficult for SEOs over the last few years, our team has a 100% success rate for unnatural links penalties with clients who follow our recommendations. We are also experienced in helping with thin content penalties, pure spam penalties, and any other type of manual action from Google.

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“There are no shortcuts to great content that Google trusts. However, Marie Haynes can show you exactly what you need to improve. She’s amazing.”

— Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, Founder & CEO, Diet Doctor


The standard site quality assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your site based on the most up-to-date understanding of how to succeed in Google organic search.


No, the right tool for the right job can be helpful however, at MHC we don’t rely on tools and understand their limitations. We leverage some automated site crawlers such as SEMRush and Screaming Frog in most reviews for small portion of these reports.

For the vast majority of our site quality assessments, our reports are specifically tailored for your website and completed manually by our team. Our assessments contain templated content that we have written however, it is always catered to be applicable to your website and unique circumstance.


Unfortunately, the digital landscape is constantly changing and SEO is a long game so we can’t guarantee success for every site we work on (be weary of those who do). However, most of our customers do see good results after implementing our advice.

In some cases, we have found that the site was only ranking previously because they had found ways to trick Google such as using a link network or other things that go against Google’s guidelines.

If you are a legitimate business, or a website that truly is valuable to people, then we really should be able to help you. Take a look at some of our amazing success stories!

No, the site quality assessment includes a detailed analysis of your backlink profile to determine whether a backlink audit and disavow would be helpful for the site.

The only service that includes the creation of a disavow file is our manual link auditing service. In 2022, most sites will not see a benefit from a link audit and disavow. Only sites that are actively at risk of a manual action (or potentially algorithmic suppression) require this. You can read more about disavowing in 2022 here.

The video review is a new product we are trying. Marie will spend a full day assessing your site and then creating a video to walk through and screenshare as many areas for improvement as possible. Most of the suggestions are made based on Google’s advice on what site owners should know about core updates.

I am happy to do a Zoom call following delivery of our report to provide clarification on the contents of the report and review it with your team if desired. This time is not transferable for regular consulting hours. Additional consulting hours can be purchased if you require additional assistance. In some cases I am available for ongoing strategic consultation.

No, currently MHC does not have capacity to assist with implementation. Most of our recommendations and strategies can be implemented/followed by site owners and their dev teams. We do have a number of trusted partners we can connect you with in case you need additional assistance. 

For some select on-going clients we can discuss providing implementation.

Marie is now completing all site quality reviews once again!

The site quality assessment takes 2-3 weeks to complete and deliver. It may take longer if unusual complexities are uncovered, or if Google releases a significant update that requires my attention to cover for the SEO community.

MHC’s preferred method of payment is via ACH or Wire Transfer. Alternatively, we can accept Wise (All major Credit Cards) or Paypal. 

For most projects, we require payment up first (a minimum 50% deposit). Payment plans are available upon request.

Yes, this is something we do fairly frequently for agencies where they have encountered an advanced problem outside their wheelhouse and require our expertise. White labeling services do incur an additional fee which is project dependent.

Yes, over the years MHC has worked with a lot of non-English sites and on our team we have a number of SEOs who are proficient in multiple languages. 

We do charge an additional 50% fee for working on non-English language sites. This is to cover the additional resources required, as well as the time assessing the competitive landscape in your region.

We will need full access to both Google Search Console and Google Analytics. If you would prefer to add us with restricted access, this is ok, but we will need you to send us your most recent disavow file as downloaded from Google (if you have a disavow file). 

If you are not able to provide access to GSC and/or GA we are capable of working around this with third party tools, however the depth and reliability of our analysis may be somewhat impacted by this.

Yes, we are usually happy to sign NDAs with companies or agencies. Non-competes can be considered for on-going clients and in certain circumstances. One off consultancy projects will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Marie only takes on a small number of clients for ongoing consultation. She is available for strategic monthly/quarterly calls. 

If you are looking for ongoing SEO consultation, we can recommend SEO consultants/agencies to work with. Some of these have trained extensively with Marie and were former team members.

If this is of interest to you, please reach out for more details!

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