Link Audits and Disavow work by Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.

Link Audits by MHC

Not sure whether you need a link audit?

(or wondering whether filing a disavow will help improve rankings?)

The team at Marie Haynes Consulting has many years of experience
when it comes to evaluating link quality and using
Google’s disavow tool.

What is included in our link audits

We have good experience in knowing which links to disavow.
Starting at $2500 USD* Based on the number of linking domains.
  • We gather links from Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz and GSC
  • We manually assess at least one link from each linking domain
  • We'll create an easy to understand spreadsheet with our disavow recommendations
  • We'll share several possible disavow strategies along with pros and cons of each
  • We'll create and file a disavow file for you.
Link Audits
Marie Haynes

About Dr. Marie Haynes

Dr. Marie Haynes is known as a leader in the field of SEO. She speaks on the subject of Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-A-T, Panda, Penguin and unnatural links at conferences like SMX, Pubcon and Brighton SEO.

Marie’s book on removing unnatural links penalties has been used by hundreds of SEO’s who wanted to learn how to audit links and remove manual actions.

The Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. staff all work out of the same office in Ottawa, Ontario and are equally obsessed with helping businesses improve their online presence.

Does disavow work even help these days?

Does the disavow file do anything to help a site’s rankings these days? There is a lot of confusion on this subject amongst the SEO community! We have put together a thorough document explaining the most recent statements from Google on use of the disavow tool:

If you would prefer not to read the entire article, here is a summary of our thoughts on disavowing:

  • If you are noticing a bunch of super spammy links pointing to your site, Google is likely ignoring these. Disavowing will probably not help. However, if the links are anchored with keywords you care about, or are adult in nature, it may be a good idea to disavow these.
  • If you have links that you, or an SEO company acting on your behalf, made for SEO purposes in the past, then disavow work may help improve rankings.
  • When Penguin 4.0 launched in September of 2016, Gary Illyes from Google said that Penguin no longer demoted sites, but rather, just ignored unnatural links. However, John Mueller and Gary Illyes have both recently said that there are other algorithms, outside of Penguin that look at link quality. If you have a lot of unnatural links, this can cause Google’s algorithms to distrust ALL of your links.
  • As such, for a site with a lot of links made for SEO, if Google distrusts your entire link profile, you are likely not ranking to your full potential. Disavowing has the potential to help sites like this.


How do I know whether I need to disavow?

If you have been actively creating links for the main purpose of improving rankings, then there is a good chance that filing a disavow will help. If you are not sure, you can use our booking form to request a link overview, rather than having us dive right into a full link audit.

Do you guarantee success?

We can’t guarantee that your rankings will increase after filing a disavow. However, in many cases, especially if there is a history of having a lot of links made just for SEO, we do see nice improvements.

If rankings are going to improve, how long will it take?

In most cases, if we are going to see an improvement, it starts to happen with a few weeks to a couple of months of filing a thorough disavow.

How does the MHC team know which links to disavow?

Our disavow decisions are based on many years of experience in removing Google manual penalties. In those cases, Google will send examples of the types of links which they consider unnatural. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of these examples. We also are stalking Googlers on a regular basis to learn any tips on what they may or may not consider unnatural. If a Google employee comments on link quality, we take note of it! Also, many of our recommendations are based on Google’s documentation on link schemes.

Can filing a disavow harm my site’s rankings?

A good disavow file is quite unlikely to harm your rankings. However, if you disavow links that truly are good links, you could see drops. We are proud to say that it is extremely rare to see a drop in rankings after having the MHC team file a disavow. We are really good at determining which links are good ones, and not disavowing those links.

How involved will Marie be in my review?

Marie will be heavily involved in all aspects of your link review. You will be assigned a team member who will coordinate communication and put together your report. That team member will lead the review in which the entire team, here at the MHC office just outside of Ottawa, Canada will audit your links.

How long will it take to complete the review?

This depends on the size of your link profile (and also whether or not we have a waiting list). A link audit will take anywhere from one to six weeks to complete.

Do you use automated tools to determine which links to disavow

No! Several years ago, we set out to create an algorithm to determine which links to disavow. We found that it could not be done with good accuracy. Our tool was 90-95% correct in making good disavow decisions. While that sounds pretty good, this means that in a link profile of 1000 linking domains, we’d be making wrong decisions on as many as 100 of those. That’s not acceptable to us!

We do run your links across our disavow blacklist (which contains domains which we would always disavow.) However, these days, the links that are ones that could potentially hurt are ones that we feel must be manually assessed.

How much followup is included with this report?

Once we deliver our spreadsheet with disavow recommendations to you, we’ll communicate back and forth to answer any questions you may have. If you would like us to create and file your new disavow, we’ll do that as well.

This report does not include additional consulting outside of link quality issues. If your site has seen ranking drops in conjunction with a Google update, a better option for you may be to have our team do a site quality review. This review also contains an overview of your link quality along with our thoughts on whether further disavow work is likely to help.


Marie has a wealth of SEO knowledge and is an authority when it comes to link auditing and best practices. She has helped us grow our website over the past few years and we are so thankful to have worked with her.

Chad Kremp, Kremp Florists

Marie is an exceptional SEO professional. She has offered us guidance and strategic insight into our organic traffic and rankings that have allowed us to take significant action. She is courteous, highly responsive, and is significantly knowledgeable in her area of expertise. We strongly recommend Marie to anyone looking for help with SEO.

Shear Comfort

Given my prior experience with SEO companies, I was half expecting some boilerplate recommendations and a heavy dosage of copying and pasting. This was clearly NOT the case! I can tell you put some serious heart, time, and effort into this thing. All the recommendations were unique and personalized.

Large e-Commerce Brand

We were having trouble ranking for even our branded terms and were about 2 months from killing the domain completely and starting over with a new site. With Marie’s help, we were able to regain almost all of our rankings and organic site traffic went from300 sessions/day to over 2,300 sessions/day. I can’t say enough about how helpful she has been and very well might have saved our business. ”

B2B Saas Business

Just wanted to thank you for the work you did on [site name removed for privacy]. According to Google Analytics the traffic between Oct 23 2014 – Dec 23, 2014 was 108,000 sessions. Compared to the same period last year there were 68,000 sessions. Your work nearly doubled my traffic!!!

Google Panda Recovery Client

Marie is a rarity in the world of SEO – she actually delivers what she says she is going to deliver! She is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward to deal with, great at communicating and thorough. We were looking for the best in the business – and we found her. As a director of a UK ecommerce company, I can recommend her and her team without hesitation

e-Commerce Brand

Link overview plan: $500

If you are hesitant about having a full link audit performed, you can have the team at MHC spend a few hours reviewing some of your links and giving our thoughts on whether links are potentially hurting your ability to rank well on Google. If our analysis determines that a link audit does have the potential to help, then we’ll give you a $200 credit to use towards your full link audit.

Use the form below to request more information on our link overview plan.

Which type of link review are you inquiring about?


More detailed information on our pricing for link audits

Quoting for link audits can be tricky. We won’t know how many links we have to manually assess until we have spent time gathering links from several different sources and that can take a lot of time to determine.

In most cases, we will make an estimate of the amount of work each project has based on the total number of linking domains reported on, knowing full well that the final number of links for us to assess will likely be 2-3x what is reported there.

The price listed includes all communication, link auditing, and, should you want it, we will create and file your disavow file for you.

Prices based on the number of linking domains reported on

  • Up to 300 domains: $2500
  • 301-500 domains: $3500
  • 501-700 domains: $4500
  • 701-900 domains: $5500
  • 900+ domains: You’ll need to contact us for a quote.

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Link Audits and Disavow work by Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. February 27, 2019


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