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Dr. Marie Haynes


Dr. Marie Haynes is the founder and CEO of Marie Haynes Consulting (MHC). She is known for understanding Google’s search algorithms. Marie is a leader in the SEO industry with over 16 years of experience in SEO.

Speaking Info

Marie will be speaking at the Search Engine Journal eSummit in January on the topic of diagnosing and remedying drops in Google traffic. She is also scheduled to speak at SMX virtual on Google traffic drops with a talk on advanced information regarding Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, EAT and understanding user intent.

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Marie's Story

My career in SEO started in 2008. I was a veterinarian and I had created a website but was unsure why I was only getting at most, 34 visitors per day. It was a good website, but no one was seeing it. I started off by asking questions in an SEO forum. It didn’t take long to get me hooked. I learned how to create fantastic content and to promote it so that people would link to it and use it. Today, this website is getting around 14,000 visitors per day. I also learned how to improve the search presence of my husband’s real estate site and his business exploded as a result.

Although I loved being a veterinarian, I had a dream that one day I could retire from veterinary practice and perhaps make websites for vets and help them to perform better on Google. I had no idea that I would quickly be launched into a lucrative career as an online marketing consultant.

In 2012, I was pregnant and on bed rest. I spent 16 hours a day hanging out in SEO forums. I started to take an interest in Google’s Penguin algorithm as it was something that very few people seemed to understand. I read everything that anyone wrote about Penguin or Google penalties. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to give advice on the forums. It wasn’t long before people were asking me to take a look at their websites. I created a report in which I could review a site’s analytics and give my opinion on which algorithms were likely affecting their site. I had so many requests for help that I had to keep raising my prices.

It wasn’t long before I was asked to tackle a manual unnatural links penalty. It took a while to get my first penalty removed, but the feeling of seeing “manual spam action revoked” was amazing. I began to write articles on Moz and Search Engine Watch about my penalty work and more and more work kept coming my way.
Soon, I was in high demand for my consulting and penalty removal services. I trained several people to do this work so that I could pass the majority of the work to them. I also hired and trained several amazing people to work alongside of me.

I have worked with many different kinds of websites. What I enjoy the most is working with small business owners. I’ve had some great experiences working with nationally recognized brands as well whether it is in removing a penalty or consulting with their marketing team to help them promote their brand in ways that will be effective and not get them in trouble with Google.
I would never have dreamed that I would trade a life of taking care of people’s pets to one where I advise on how to promote businesses on Google. My life today consists of writing (see below for places where you can find my columns), speaking, teaching, and advising. I absolutely love it!

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Dr. Marie Haynes has been helping websites improve since 2008.

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