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The team at Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses grow online in ways that comply with Google’s guidelines.



Marie Haynes is completely obsessed with understanding Google’s algorithm changes such as the Penguin algorithm and the Panda algorithm as well as Google Penalties.  For the last 10 years, she has been helping businesses learn how to improve their Google presence in ways that comply with Google’s Guidelines. See the about page for more on Marie’s background.



Alec Brownscombe is a Peterborough, Ontario native who earned a B.A. in History at Trent University before completing his journalism diploma at Algonquin College. He worked in the print media industry as an editor before branching into digital content design. He combined his writing skills, interest in content marketing and his love for his favourite NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, while founding Maple Leafs Hot Stove, the most popular independent Maple Leafs website. Alec has a passion for producing content that both the reader and the search engine will love. Alec is skilled in technical SEO and loves solving tricky technical site issues as they come up.



Dylan Adamek grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and has always maintained a broad range of interests including playing guitar, physical fitness and investing. He has a passion for any topic involving business and how to help companies of any size succeed. He graduated from the financial management program at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario and has previously worked for different financial institutions. His past experience has helped him cultivate a love for exploring consumer behaviour through analytics and content creation. He is excited by the prospects that search engine marketing and optimization present for him to help businesses increase their market share and visibility.



Cassandra Downton was raised in a military family and grew up at a number of Canadian Forces bases across Canada and in Europe. She specialized in microbiology at the University of Waterloo before working several years in Regulatory and Quality Assurance for the pharmaceutical industry. She eventually targeted her attention to detail and problem-solving skills towards SEO, and has become especially interested in understanding the technical analytics that Google uses to track website traffic.



Callum Scott moved to Ottawa from Scotland in 2017 where he read an MA in International Relations and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. While writing his thesis on digital activism, Callum developed a fascination with how the digital experience is shaped through our communications and interactions with different networks and services. He is particularly interested in the rapid advancements in voice search, machine learning and ‘entity-understanding’, and is passionate about helping businesses understand how they can take advantage of these emerging markets.


Andrew Nguyen of Marie Haynes ConsultingAndrew

He/Him. Andrew Nguyen was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Businesses Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Communications from Algonquin College. Andrew has worked with many small local businesses in the Ottawa area and has a passion for local and community-oriented projects. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys delving into comics, creating music and immersing himself in video and tabletop gaming. Andrew has always had an interest in SEO and the mysteries of Google’s algorithms. He is passionate about helping businesses leverage their content and to help businesses grow.


Matt Baker of Marie Haynes ConsultingMatthew

Matthew Baker is a Marketing and Business Administration graduate of Algonquin College. Born in Toronto and later moving to Ottawa, Ontario, his passion for adventure as a young adult has led him to many corners of the world. While living overseas, he worked with a leading eCommerce agency specializing in organic search. Naturally, he found his way back to the digital space in Canada and is at home here with the Marie Haynes Consulting team. One of his many passions includes eCommerce projects and he also loves the fact that he has the opportunity to learn something new each and every day. Matthew loves sports, fitness, craft beer, and travel. In no particular order.


Summar Bourada of Matie Haynes ConsultingSummar

Summar Bourada was born and raised in Ottawa before completing her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. After spending a few years working, Summar knew she wanted to return to school and enrolled at Algonquin College in the Public Relations program. Summar loves learning new business strategy and how SEO specifically can help businesses succeed.



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