Workbook: Put yourself in the shoes of a searcher

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Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Picture Search like a giant Library of information. We’ve traditionally focused on optimizing our websites (the books in the Library) so that they look good to the Librarian (search algorithms). In today’s AI driven search algorithms, however it’s not about impressing the Librarian. It’s about creating books that people actively seek out and find to be helpful at meeting the need that caused them to search.

Who is this workbook for? This workbook is written in non-technical terms, designed to help us take our knowledge of how the machine learning systems that rank search results work in analyzing search results for terms you want to rank for. The exercises will help you think of creative ways to produce content that is so helpful Google would be embarrassed not to include it amongst the resources they predict to be helpful!

This workbook is meant to accompany my book and course, but can be used without those resources.


In this workbook

This is a 46 page Google Doc template you can make notes in as you study your Search Results and get ideas for improving your site.

  • Google Search is the Librarian
  • The Librarian’s secret: They learn from studying what people have found helpful
  • Choosing a page to analyze
  • Exercises to help you think about your audience’s needs
  • Learning from Topic Filters in our SERPS
  • The AI Overview (SGE) 
  • Learning from People Also Ask Results
  • Thoroughly assessing the websites that are ranking. We’ll look at brand recognition, experience, freshness and most importantly original value / information gain.
  • Deciding whether you can rank
  • A checklist and loads of ideas to help you better understand and meet searcher need, improve the value of your content, draw from your experience and more.
  • What to expect in terms of improvement

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