Success Stories

Success Stories and Testimonials

We are extremely proud of our success stories. Here are some case studies from clients for whom we have done a site quality review, as well as testimonials from other happy clients:

“Fred” recovery success

Penguin recovery success

Panda recovery success

Manual penalty removal

Other SEO success stories

Client testimonials

“Fred” recovery success

On March 7, 2017, Google made a number of significant changes to their core quality algorithm. The change was big enough for the SEO industry to give it a name – Fred. We have reviewed a large number of sites that saw changes on this date. In our opinion, “Fred” brought about changes in which Google became better able to assess true quality including looking at things like the experience, authority and trust of the authors of the site.

Here is a site which we have been working on for quite some time. The site saw massive growth in Google organic traffic, returning to top page rankings for most of their keywords:


Penguin recovery success

Here is analytics data from a large brand client who was hit strongly with the initial rollout of Penguin and also had a partial manual action. After extensive work auditing and removing/disavowing links, the site escaped the Penguin algorithm on October 4, 2013 and then had its manual action removed shortly after:

Penguin Recovery Case Study

This company saw an even greater increase with the next refresh of Penguin:

Penguin Recovery

Here is another case of a small business that had us do a cleanup which was primarily disavow work.  This work was done just prior to the October 2013 Penguin refresh which meant that they had to wait a whole year to see recovery because Google did not refresh Penguin until October of 2014. They are now ranking #1 for most of their terms:

Another Penguin Recovery Case Study

Cick here for more information on our Google Penguin Recovery Services.

Panda Recovery Success

We have had good success helping several websites recover from Google’s Panda algorithm. Our recovery process involves thoroughly auditing a website from a site quality standpoint. We usually make many suggestions on how to clean up thin content and make your existing content look as attractive to users and to Google as possible.

Here is a client of ours who saw a dramatic increase when Panda updated in May of 2014. They continue to see increases as well. They went from getting about 2,000 daily visitors to 12,000, a six fold increase!

Panda recovery success story


Here is another client for whom we were able to almost double their traffic and revenue:

Google Panda Recovery Case Study

Click here for more information on our Google Panda Recovery Services.

Manual Penalty Removal

Marie Haynes is known as one of the world’s foremost experts when it comes to understanding and removing Google manual actions. She has removed over 100 unnatural link penalties and is also experienced in removing other manual actions such as pure spam penalties, outbound unnatural link penalties, thin content penalties and more.



Google penalties removed     Another Google Penalty Revoked

Here is a client for whom we removed a sitewide unnatural links penalty. They had tried several times previously, with several other companies and could not get the penalty removed. We removed the penalty within three weeks and traffic returned to high levels once again:

Google Manual Penalty Removed


If we take you on as a client with an unnatural links penalty, we guarantee that your penalty will be removed. Dr. Haynes is also available to consult on an hourly basis for any type of Google manual action.

Click here for more on Google Manual Penalty Removal.

Other SEO Success Stories

Here are the rankings for one of our clients who is a Personal Injury Attorney. We have been able to achieve and successfully maintain number one rankings for almost all of our money keywords:


Another one of our clients is a local small business that competes against some really big players in the field. He is also doing really well:

Here is a client with whom we have been consulting for many months now. We consult on on-site changes to be made and also on link acquisition (in Google friendly ways). Our work is paying off!

SEO Improvement

Customer Testimonials

Consulting Client

“The work of Marie Haynes Consulting has been key for us to thrive in a post Medic update Google world. There are no shortcuts, but there is a way. MHC’s whitepaper on scientific consensus shows you exactly how.”

– Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

Founder and CEO

Diet Doctor


Site Assessment Client

First of all – this report was so detailed and informative. It was laid out clearly and contains enough information that even my team members who aren’t familiar with SEO should be able to understand it. That is SO helpful. Thank you!

– The Healthy Place 


Link Audit Client

Marie Haynes is top-notch professional in field of all Google algorithm recovery services. We are very honored and thankful to have a chance to work with such an expert. The report you will get from her can hardly be better researched and elaborated. Marie has opened our eyes and helped us make decisions that will bring our business strong results in long term. If you are in any hesitation to start working with Marie, then don’t think any more.

Recommended service, A+!

– Stefan Kalevski,


SEO Consulting 

Marie has a wealth of SEO knowledge and is an authority when it comes to link auditing and best practices. She has helped us grow our website over the past few years and we are so thankful to have worked with her. Do the right thing and read her newsletter. You will absolutely pick up on something each and every issue.

– Chad Kremp,


Site Assessment & Link Audit Client 

Marie is an exceptional SEO professional. She has offered us guidance and strategic insight into our organic traffic and rankings that have allowed us to take significant action. She is courteous, highly responsive, and is significantly knowledgeable in her area of expertise. We strongly recommend Marie to anyone looking for help with SEO.

– Shear Comfort,

Site Assessment Client

I have been an internet marketer for 14 years now and I am humbled that I am still learning everyday in this fast paced digital world. (If I knew it was going to be this hectic, I might have just opened a hot dog stand)

But seriously, things are moving at the speed of light and I truly have not been on top of the changes with the Google algorithms. I thought I was, but…. I wasn’t. I was too busy running my business and putting out fires with day to day operations.

I knew something was wrong but I did not react fast enough, and that is where Marie’s firm comes in.

I was searching on Google for answers as to why why my traffic was dropping and I found Marie Haynes Consulting and her Traffic Drop Assessment services. Using due diligence, I searched her company and her personal name (Marie Haynes) and I found her on many trusted sites like Moz. I also found her on other in many trusted forums.

Although it may seem difficult or impossible to know who to trust, it’s really not that hard if you know who is who in certain specific trusted circles. After talking with Marie, I quickly found out that she personally knew some very respected people in the SEO and marketing field that I have personally have been following and that I 1,000% trust. Out of respect I do not want to name these gurus, but I will tell you that when I found out that she was in those circles, I instantly knew Marie was the real deal and that I could trust her.

I will also say this, she absolutely has my same philosophy that she values her customers over anything else.

Not only does she care but it very apparent that but she is a life student of digital marketing and specifically what Google us up to algorithmically these days. That is the exact help that I needed.

Here is the page I landed on in my search to find Marie. The one thing that sold me was her comment underneath her picture. She wrote: “I’m insanely obsessed with trying to understand how Google works. For years now I’ve been teaching and speaking about how to successfully improve your website’s online presence.”

That was a powerful and extremely relevant statement for me. I then hit the “contact me” button and told her my quick story of my problems that I was dealing with.

Then like I mentioned earlier, I looked her up online and I just knew in my heart that I could trust her service.

Fast forward to today. Choosing Marie Haynes Consulting Inc was the best business decision I have ever made in my (most recent) business life.

Marie gave me insights on how to make dozens and dozens of adjustments and fixes to implement on my site and exactly how to carry them out. She also sent me follow-up emails on the fixes that I was confused about.

I also had the amazing experience to talk to her personally for her 1 hour live consultation after my assessment! (it felt like 5 minutes). It was amazing. She addressed every single one of my issues and sent me more emails with instructions.

She could have charged me 3X the amount that I paid her and I would not have blinked an eye. And I truly mean that.

I am the owner of FunNewJerseycom Inc and I want to express that I am in no way affiliated with Marie Haynes or her firm and I have been given no incentive to write this.

I just believe in good Karma and letting the good of the world to know what is good out their with SEO and marketing consulting, especially in cyberspace when its almost impossible to find someone you trust.

And in Marie’s service, I trust!

Thank you Marie (and Dylan) and the rest of team for all of your amazing work and unbelievable insight.

I will be a customer for life.

– Charles Daidone, Owner,

Monthly Client

Marie and the team at MHC are outstanding and have been through the years. When first hired, Marie was able to have our penalty removed on her first attempt – something two large SEO companies were not able to do. We are thrilled to hear that Marie has hired a talented staff that she is training, and we are looking forward to some amazing SEO rankings moving forward.

– Eric M. Scop, V.P. Sales & Digital Marketing,

Site Improvement & Competitor Research Report for a large eCommerce site

Given my prior experience with SEO companies, I was half expecting some boilerplate recommendations and a heavy dosage of copying and pasting. This was clearly NOT the case! I can tell you put some serious heart, time, and effort into this thing. All the recommendations were unique and personalized. To put it simply, I can tell you gave a f*ck, and it shows in everything you did/wrote.


SEO Consulting

“I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Marie for her help at a B2B SaaS company where I was the Search Director. I had done years of off and on site improvements to get out of some kind of manual Google suppression my site was under. We were having trouble ranking for even our branded terms and were about 2 months from killing the domain completely and starting over with a new site. With Marie’s help, we were able to regain almost all of our rankings and organic site traffic went from 300 sessions/day to over 2,300 sessions/day. I can’t say enough about how helpful she has been and very well might have saved our business. ”

Manual Penalty Removal Client

“We are ranking on all of our brand name keywords now and all of our local office pages are starting to rank again, we noticed our [city] office page is #1 for keyword “[keyword – city]” and for “[keyword – state]”, we are on page 1 already…Thanks Marie for making this happen. You are a true professional and made this entire process of link removal and documentation smooth.”

Google Penguin Recovery Client

“When I first launched my website, (removed for privacy reasons) I had no knowledge of SEO so thought the best option was to employ somebody to do onsite and offsite SEO in order to help me rank well in the highly competitive field of wedding photography. My marketing budget wasn’t large but I found a low cost company who seemed to tick the boxes, gains were made and I landed on page 1.

As it turns out the gains were made due to low quality backlinks, directories and article posts. Sure enough google updated penguin and I dropped like a stone to page three. I put my trust in a company but due to their shortcuts I paid the price, losing business in the process.

After a lot of research I discovered Marie Haynes. I knew I had to get the problem solved and I wanted it done properly this time with no messing about or BS. Marie quickly did a site and backlink audit and also gave additional advise on areas to improve my website in the eyes of panda and penguin. Fortunately we had this done just in time for a penguin refresh and my site is currently sitting at number 1 – 3 for several my main search terms. Basically thanks to Marie’s expertise and knowledge my site is clean and back where it deserves to be. The advise was accurate and honest. Marie wasn’t just telling me what I wanted to hear. Without a doubt the best money I have spent on my online marketing.

Google Panda Recovery Client

“Just wanted to thank you for the work you did on [site name removed for privacy]. According to Google Analytics the traffic between Oct 23 2014 – Dec 23, 2014 was 108,000 sessions. Compared to the same period last year there were 68,000 sessions. Your work nearly doubled my traffic!!!”

Manual Penalty Client

“We received a google manual penalty for thousands of links which were created without our knowledge or consent by an seo company who assured us they engage only white hat methods. We spent tireless hours trying to identify and remove links only to be rejected by google without specific advice offered. Marie helped identify which links were possibly inorganic by manually checking each one against strict criteria and conservatively marked the majority of the links as possibly manipulative. She then helped us identify and write copy to reach out to webmasters. With this vital information we spent a lot of time manually removing links. Marie then helped put together and upload a disavow links file for the remaining links which rude webmasters would not remove (or demand a fee). One reconsideration request after engaging services from Marie, we got a positive manual action revoked outcome from google.  I found Marie to be extremely thorough, professional and responsive to all queries at any stage in the project. She is also prominent in google forums, which indicates she is interested in helping rather than being just out to make a quick buck. There are too many rogue so called seo experts around. Trust Marie, she is honest and knows how to get rid of difficult penalties.

Manual Penalty Client

“I received the dreaded unnatural links warning way back in March or April 2012.  Over much time (about 14 or 15 months), I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I contacted webmasters over and over again.  I got tons of bad links removed. In two instances for particularly ugly links, I actually bought the domains from their owners where the links were residing just to get them removed. I used the disavow tool for those I couldn’t remove. I spilled my guts to the reconsideration request reviewers.  But each time (and I think there were 4 or 5 of them), I was rejected with the same form letter.  Marie promised to work until the penalty was removed – no matter how long it took.  They worked for a week or two auditing my links again.  We discussed the importance and source of each link and then came to a group decision about which links further to remove.  The whole time they were a pleasure to work with.  In the end, they got my penalty removed on their second try.  They did what I thought was all but impossible.

Manual Penalty Client

“We had a Google manual penalty for 2 years and our original and new seo firm were unable to help resolve the issue. We have since changed seo firms. Marie and her team’s attention to detail is incredible, being detailed and very thorough……they didn’t miss a thing. Marie and Dorothy kept us abreast each step of the way. We had our Google manual penalty removed after the first disavow / reconsideration request. I highly, highly recommend Hiswebmarketing (Note: This is the name of the company before rebranding to Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.). Trust Marie and her team.”

Link Audit for Large, Internationally Recognized Brand

“We approached His Web Marketing to help us remove a penalty from our site. They quickly identified where we had gone wrong in our previous attempts and within a matter of weeks provided the full list of websites that we would need removed from our backlink profile. It was this expert analysis of what links we needed to remove that got the penalty lifted. The fact that it was done so quickly was a big bonus.”

Manual Penalty and Penguin Recovery Client

“Keywords that showed for me at top first page before October 4th, went to the 5th and 6th pages since. Yesterday (Note: Yesterday was a Penguin update) they started showing at the bottom of the first page. Some less competitive keywords show at the top of the page.”

Large Brand Hourly Consultation for Sitewide Penalty

Hi Marie,

“I just gotta say thanks for all the help you provided us with our Google reconsideration request. Your knowledge/expertise was assuring. And you responded very quickly to our requests which certainly helps.
We’re not totally out of the woods yet because they are still reviewing the partial penalty but in the meantime, we are benefitting from nearly 100% of the traffic and rankings we had before this whole thing occurred.”

Marketing firm using Dr. Marie’s Penalty Removal Guide

“We just wanted to let you know that after studying your guide and applying everything we learned, we were able to get one of our clients Manual Penalties lifted on the very first try!

Your guide Rocks!”

Colan Nielsen, Imprezzio Marketing

Pure Spam Penalty Removal

“Marie is professional, very knowledgeable and prompt in responses. My site was in a “Pure Spam Penalty”. She did take a look at it, found the issues and prescribed the right solution. The process was very fast and the delays mostly were because of me being busy …. My request was approved by Google and few days later, the rankings are improving and have already few keywords showing back up on page 1 again. I am very thankful to have found Marie and asked for her help. I highly recommend her service….


Manual Penalty Removal Client

“Marie at HISWebMarketing is a rarity in the world of SEO – she actually delivers what she says she is going to deliver! She is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward to deal with, great at communicating and thorough. As a UK ecommerce company, we were looking for the best in the business – and we found her. As a director of a UK ecommerce company, I can recommend her and her team without hesitation – I would recommend her services to anyone in the same situation as us – there is light at the end of the tunnel!”

Manual Penalty Removal Consulting Client

“I am so flipping excited right now, it feels like an early Christmas! That was a lot of work!
Thank you so much for all your help.  You have no idea how much we appreciate it.  I doubt we could have done it without you.  “

Panda Recovery Client

“We seemed to be stuck when it came to rankings. Several Panda updates knocked us down consecutively. Marie gave us great advice on how to improve our website so that it provided the best user experience. When Panda 4.0 hit, our traffic saw a massive increase. We increased even more with Panda 4.1. Thank you Marie!”

Hourly Coaching for Penalty Removal

“Marie’s book “UNNATURAL LINKS The Complete Guide to Recovery” was INSTRUMENTAL to getting our manual, “Partial Spam Action” removed. I used it as a base for our reconsideration requests, as it maps out the entire prices from A to Z in a very easy to follow guide. We also hired Marie for some consulting, and she pointed out some holes in our request which we patched up right away. Our website is now out of the manual penalty, and Maries’s know how and research was a big part of our success.”

Pure Spam Penalty Consultation

“Quick update – we did get the manual penalty revoked from Google today. Thank you for your help!”

Manual Penalty Removal Client – Large Brand

“Marie was the answer to our Google penalty issue.

She’s everything you look for in a contractor: she knows what needs to be done, is goal and milestone oriented, sends regular status updates and works methodically until the job is done.

We put our business in Marie’s hand and she delivered. She’s earned our trust and our respect. Hire her immediately.”

Link Audit Client

“I recently paid 8K for a premium domain, but didn’t do enough research on it beforehand. After I had started publishing content I realized that the site had been very active about 15 years ago and had a massive amount of spammy widget and directory links pointing to it, many with exact match anchor text. It is literally the worst link profile I have ever seen.

Because of this, I decided to hire Marie Haynes and her team to do a full link audit of my site. They were able to find hundreds of domains with tens of thousands of seriously bad links pointing to the site. I have now uploaded the disavow file and I am hoping for the best.

The MHC team was professional, thorough and responsive. I would recommend them for anyone dealing with a bad link problem.”

— Kris Gunnars,


Link Audit Client 

“Everything we knew about content creation and “link attraction” multiplied exponentially after receiving the first link audit report by the Marie Haynes team. The knowledge they shared with us has helped us develop healthily ever since, because we now feel able to assess the links we receive very confidently. We are grateful too for the tremendous boost that we just got in our rankings after the latest core algorithm change and this is partly due to the disavow that Andrew helped us put together. Simultaneously, we had spent nearly two years improving our content, usability and relevance following the guidance of MHC’s E-A-T insights, which elicited the very best in us. The positive results are a great motivator to keep being truthful and relevant, creating valuable content for the audience we are here to serve. Thank you so much for being our gurus in this journey!

Again, thank YOU and thanks to the whole team – keep being the best, please!”

– Daniel, Co-founder of for the Ageless

Site Review Client 

“Anthony here, owner of Pure CBD Vapors, an online CBD store in the U.S. My website traffic has dropped due to a Google core Update in 2019. It was really painful for me. Once I listened to Marie Haynes’ podcast on Google algorithm updates and then I have learned more about her expertise. I decided to hire her for our site review. They audited our website and provided us more than 200 pages of the report. Marie Haynes and her team did great efforts and provide genuine reasons. I and my team can see that in the report. They showed many issues and recommendation us many things to improve the website like EAT authority content, website speed, etc. Currently, we are working on Marie Haynes’ recommendations. I hope we will improve our website traffic and sale soon. The MHC team was professional, thorough, and responsive. I would recommend them for anyone dealing with website traffic dropped.”
– Anthony, Owner of Pure CBD Vapors



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Success Stories June 29, 2015


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