Come visit us at our Pubcon booth! 

For the first time ever, our team will have a booth at Pubcon! You can find us Tuesday and Wednesday in the exhibit hall from 10 to 5. We hope you’ll come and visit, ask us questions and have an MHC auditor spend some time looking at your site.

We will be having our senior SEO team complete brief, condensed site quality audits, answer your burning SEO questions and help you in any way we can. If you’ve been following along with our SEO Battle you’ll know we created a fun game that we’ll be hosting for the chance to win a one-year newsletter subscription to Search News You Can Use

If you think you have what it takes, come say hi and play for a subscription to one of the industry’s leading newsletters. 

mhc team photo

What are our site quality assessments?

Our senior SEO team completes site quality audits for clients who require assistance diagnosing traffic drops. We use various tools to ensure that the audit is extremely thorough and useful in improving site quality in Google’s eyes.

We analyze a variety of components such as competitor analysis, technical issues, and link quality and provide our guidance on how they can improve in these areas. Our expertise is unique given Marie’s extensive knowledge on Google’s algorithms and experience dealing with manual actions from Google. We use techniques that are within Google’s guidelines and believe in helping others improve their rankings in the best way possible.  

What is Search News You Can Use? 

Our newsletter is a weekly broadcast of the latest industry news from various sources. They include the latest Google updates, SERP changes, SEO tools, tips and recommended readings to help you optimize your website and improve rankings. 

As a subscriber you have the opportunity to access Marie’s first thoughts on what has happened on the biggest industry updates and her perspective on the issue. We often share unpublished articles to our paid subscribers meaning you have our initial access to research articles and opinion pieces.