This video blew my mind. Google shared how they are taking an AI first approach across all their products, saying, "The old way is getting old." AI is “the most profound shift we will see in our lifetime” according to Sundar Pichai. “It will touch every sector, every industry, every business function and significantly change the way we live and work.”

I watched this full video and took notes on the interesting bits.

The most exciting thing for me was the part on using VertexAI's generative app builder. In under two minutes I made an app based on the content of my website that provides an SGE answer (with the ability to ask followup questions) plus an internal site search.

You can use Google's AI models at VertexAI

VertexAI is where you can play around with Google's AI models. I do not understand why more people aren't talking about this. There is so much you can do with these tools. Tens of thousands of developers are already using the more than 100 models available on VertexAI.

Google said that more than 70% of "AI Unicorns" are based on Google Cloud.

Some things they discussed:

  • MedPaLM allows customers to "build applications using a model that accurately and safely answers medical questions."
  • Many models have been recently added including Meta's Llama 2 and Anthropic's Claude 2
  • When you use these models, your data is not exposed to the general foundation models, to Google's consumer services or to other customers on the internet

Google added new models including Llama 2 and Claude 2

They shared an example where they put the entirety of the 80 pages of the DMV handbook into the interface fro the PaLM API and asked, "Summarize all the rules around pedestrians."

Summarizing the DMV handbook

You can do something similar with your company's document repositories, databases, SAAS applications, website and entire internet. There are also extensions in VertexAI that you can access to use real time information.

You can make an app combining SGE + a site search for your website

This is absolutely wild. Google said in their video that you can make this app in under two minutes. I tried the VertexAI Generative AI App builder and they were right! I clicked "Public Web Content Crawler" and put in my website.

Gen app from your website

I initially thought you could include any websites in this app, but for now it looks like you need to have ownership of a domain in order to add it.

vertex gen ai app builder

It took a couple of hours for Google to index my site. Then, I was blown away to find this.

I created a generative AI chatbot and search engine using VertexAI in just minutes

I can input any question and it will answer based on the information that is contained on my website. If the SGE answer is not enough for a searcher, then there is also a list of links from my site that are relevant.

Gen App builder on my website

gen app builder on my website

You can converse with the app and ask followup questions.

ask followup questions

Most of the SGE answers were exactly what I would say, although some were not perfectly correct. For example, when I asked "Is guest posting good for SEO", it said, "Guest posting can be a good way to build backlinks to your website, but it is important to do it correctly. Google does not discourage guest posting, but it does not recommend it as a link building tactic. If you are going to guest post, make sure that the content is high quality and that you are not overdoing it."

Technically I would not have answered with "Guest posting is a good way to build backlinks." If you're doing it for the backlink, it's against Google's guidelines.

So, I thumbed down this answer and provided feedback. I am hoping that site owners can fine tune the answers given in this way. We will see.

giving feedback in gen app builder

Google provides code you can use to implement this on your site. I haven't had time to play around with this yet, but likely will.

It does look like this service could be costly though. I played around with asking questions of my site for about an hour, and have a Cloud bill of $0.48.

Here's my thought. This will be insanely useful for many businesses. Probably useful enough to charge for. I can see business use of Google's generative AI models making a lot of money for Google, while at the same time, being incredibly useful for the business and its customers.

Here are some screenshots from the video showing how they created a generative AI app for the DMV, then connected it to the DMV calendaring system, created a calendar invite and sent an email to confirm the user's appointment.

creating a gen ai app for the DMV

gen ai app builder for the DMV

creating a gen ai app for the dmv


DuetAI brings AI to Google's Workspace products: Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Meet and more. Google says DuetAI helps you "use AI in every single task you do." It gives every user a writing helper, a spreadsheet expert, a project manager, a note taker for meeting and a visual designer. This is apparently now generally available to everyone, although I don't see it. Perhaps because I'm in Canada?

If you use Duet in Google Meet, it can create a summary on the fly (in case you came in late to the meeting) which you can ask questions of. It can also provide captions, even in other languages, in real time.

Duet AI in Google MeetDuet AI in Google Meet

You can also use Duet AI in Looker studio and do cool things with Big Query tables to pull a bunch of data together. In one click you can make a slide deck out of this.

Duet AI with looker studio

Google partnering with Nvidia

Nvidia and Google are "joining forces to reinvent cloud infrastructure." They are working together on Nvidia’s next generation AI supercomputer called DGX GH 200 with a revolutionary new chip: Grace Hopper. Also, Nvidia is working with the DeepMind team to “reinvent software”.

Google also announced a partnership with Bloomberg to make their data available to everyone via Google Cloud.

I would encourage you to play around with Vertex AI. Here is the link again to the generative AI app builder.

And here is the video. It's long, but well worth the watch!

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