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Manual Action Removal

Have you received a manual action/Google penalty?

Marie and her team have been removing Google manual actions since 2012. For unnatural links penalties, we have a 100% success rate.

Marie Haynes

About Dr. Marie Haynes

Dr. Marie Haynes is known as a leader in the field of SEO. She speaks on the subject of Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, E-A-T, Panda, Penguin and unnatural links at conferences like SMX, Pubcon and Brighton SEO.

Marie’s book on removing unnatural links penalties has been used by hundreds of SEO’s who wanted to learn how to audit links and remove manual actions.

The Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. staff all work out of the same office in Ottawa, Ontario and are equally obsessed with helping businesses improve their online presence.

Manual Action Success Stories

We have a 100% success rate when it comes to
removing unnatural links manual actions.

Marie Haynes is known as one of the world’s foremost experts when it comes to understanding and removing Google manual actions. She has removed hundreds of unnatural link penalties and is also experienced in removing other manual actions such as pure spam penalties, outbound unnatural link penalties, thin content penalties and more. 

If we take you on as a client with an unnatural links penalty, we guarantee that your penalty will be removed. 

Here is a client for whom we removed a site-wide unnatural links penalty. They had tried several times previously, with several other companies and could not get the penalty removed. We removed the penalty within three weeks and saw their traffic return:



How do I know if I have a manual action?
Go to Webmaster Tools and click on Search Traffic, then Manual Actions. You will be notified if you have a manual action there. If you see “No Manual Webspam Actions” then you are dealing with another problem. 
How did I get this penalty?

We don’t always know why a site gets a manual review. It could have been reported by a competitor or a member of Google’s Webspam team reviewed your site and should be penalized.

Is it important to have it removed? 

When you have a manual action, it means part or all of your site is being hidden from search. This means your traffic and rankings can be drastically affected. If this is the case, it is important to have it removed as soon as possible. 

How long will it take to have it removed?

This can vary. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete the whole process. Once filed, it can take anywhere from three days to six weeks to hear a response. While we often succeed on our first try, it can take longer if we require multiple tries.

We do have expedited plans for those clients who are wanting to remove their penalty as quickly as possible.

How do you remove a manual action?
We follow these steps when removing a penalty: 
  • Make a thorough list of backlinks as gathered from,,, Webmaster Tools Sample, Webmaster Tools most recent and other sources.  We also have a process that we use that helps us to find links that are not available on any of the backlink checkers.  This helps us to get more penalties removed on our first try.
  • Manually review at least one link from every domain linking to the site. The goal is to determine which links Google would like to see removed and try to keep as many good links as possible.
  • Make thorough efforts to contact site owners to get links removed. We document this process thoroughly.  We contact site owners through email addresses we can find on the site, whois email addresses and contact forms.
  • Complete and file a disavow file. This file will be very thorough.  The file contents are discussed with the site owner prior to filing.
  • Write and file a reconsideration request.


Marie has a wealth of SEO knowledge and is an authority when it comes to link auditing and best practices. She has helped us grow our website over the past few years and we are so thankful to have worked with her.

Chad Kremp, Kremp Florists

Marie is an exceptional SEO professional. She has offered us guidance and strategic insight into our organic traffic and rankings that have allowed us to take significant action. She is courteous, highly responsive, and is significantly knowledgeable in her area of expertise. We strongly recommend Marie to anyone looking for help with SEO.

Shear Comfort

Given my prior experience with SEO companies, I was half expecting some boilerplate recommendations and a heavy dosage of copying and pasting. This was clearly NOT the case! I can tell you put some serious heart, time, and effort into this thing. All the recommendations were unique and personalized.

Large e-Commerce Brand

We were having trouble ranking for even our branded terms and were about 2 months from killing the domain completely and starting over with a new site. With Marie’s help, we were able to regain almost all of our rankings and organic site traffic went from 300 sessions/day to over 2,300 sessions/day. I can’t say enough about how helpful she has been and very well might have saved our business. ”

B2B Saas Business

Just wanted to thank you for the work you did on [site name removed for privacy]. According to Google Analytics the traffic between Oct 23 2014 – Dec 23, 2014 was 108,000 sessions. Compared to the same period last year there were 68,000 sessions. Your work nearly doubled my traffic!!!

Google Panda Recovery Client

Marie is a rarity in the world of SEO – she actually delivers what she says she is going to deliver! She is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward to deal with, great at communicating and thorough. We were looking for the best in the business – and we found her. As a director of a UK ecommerce company, I can recommend her and her team without hesitation

e-Commerce Brand

Still not convinced? You can read more of our success stories here. 

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Manual Action Removal by Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. August 23, 2019


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