Big changes for Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.

Marie HaynesHi! I really appreciate you taking the time to read about the upcoming changes in my company. I've been working on this for a very long time now and as scary as it is to's time to fly!

Some history

If you know me at all, you probably know that I've done a lot of work with sites dealing with Google penalties and also helping people who were negatively affected by Google's Penguin algorithm. Several years ago I left my career as a veterinarian to pursue my hobby of SEO full time. Many people thought I was crazy to leave such a great career behind, but I have absolutely no regrets. I'm stupidly obsessed with SEO and can't believe that I get to do this stuff all day long.

I was only in my new career for a short time before I had a realization that this gig would not last long if I continued to do just penalty work. Google was getting better and better at algorithmically fighting spam and fewer and SEOs were learning not to do the kind of stuff that would cause penalties. And you know what? I was right...When Penguin 4.0 launched, Google essentially announced to the world that they were REALLY good at detecting and discounting unnatural links. This meant that low quality and cheap SEO was no longer working. This also meant that fewer and fewer people were looking for a penalty specialist.

A few years ago I started to do some consulting that went beyond the scope of penalty work. In the last few years I have run SEO campaigns for quite a few small businesses. I've helped lawyers, veterinarians, photographers and many others achieve really good rankings. I have also consulted with some quite large companies to help them improve their on-site quality and also to train their marketing teams on how to get good links that will comply with Google's Quality guidelines. I've done a large number of traffic drop assessments and site audits. All of this work has been thoroughly enjoyable and I have had so many stories of success.

So why stop doing it?

I have made a great income from consulting, auditing and ongoing SEO work. It really would make sense to just keep doing these things. There are two problems, however:

  1. This type of work doesn't scale well.
  2. I was working 16 hour days with almost no breaks.

Should I start an agency?

Obviously, I need to hire someone...probably a few someones. I seriously considered starting an SEO agency. I have had more than one offer of partnership or multi-million dollar funding to help me get started running an SEO agency.

I know that this business plan would succeed! I have worked hard to build a brand for my name that is synonymous with knowledge and trust. I get several emails a week from businesses who seriously want to hire me.

The problem though, is that running an agency doesn't excite me. What excites me the most is teaching about SEO, writing about SEO and speaking about SEO. I spent many hours thinking, praying, consulting with friends and colleagues, and dreaming about what I could do that would bring me the most joy and allow me to help a large number of people.

Quite a few months ago I decided that I would dedicate my career to helping others to learn how to do good and effective SEO.

SEO Courses

And now the part you have been waiting for! I am proud to announce the following products are now available:

LEARN SEO - This is a course that is geared towards beginners but contains good information for intermediate SEOs as well. Every two weeks you'll get a lesson delivered by email that will give you step by step instructions on how to improve your website and get better Google rankings. Lessons include thorough instructions on how to get links as well.

If you are a complete beginner, or you are an intermediate SEO who wants to be sure that you're covering all of your bases, this is the plan for you.


SEARCH NEWS YOU CAN USE - This newsletter packed full of useful information and SEO advice and tutorials. The topics in the newsletter are based upon the current SEO news landscape. The newsletter also will contain detailed tutorials as well as SEO Challenges. For the challenges, I'll give you step by step instructions on how to do things like get featured snippets, improve page load time, get good powerful links, and more. If you take part in the challenge I'd love to showcase your success on my website.

If you have intermediate to advanced SEO knowledge, then this is the plan that's best for you. This newsletter is also GREAT for SEOs working for an agency or doing freelance work as you'll get all sorts of practical advice which you can use to help improve your clients' sites. You'll also be able to show them that you are thoroughly up to date with the latest news in search.


Google Update Newsletter - This is a greatly scaled down version of the Search News You Can Use newsletter. The Google Update Newsletter is completely free. It will keep you informed about important Google news such as announced algorithm changes.


Note: If you are one of the many who are already subscribed to my Google Penalty Newsletter, you're already signed up for the Google Update Newsletter. Also, I'll send you the first issue of Search News You Can Use for free.


I also want to connect good SEO's with people who need them

I get a lot of requests for help. There are so many businesses who are desperate to hire a good SEO agency, but do not know which companies they can trust. If you are looking to hire an SEO to do ongoing work, to do a site audit or simply just to consult with you and answer questions, visit my HIRE AN SEO page and I'll do my best to connect you with a good, trustworthy company or individual.

Are you an SEO who does really good work?

If you have had some good success with SEO, and you do work that complies with Google's Quality Guidelines, I would love to be able to recommend you to others. You can fill out this application to become one of my recommended SEO providers. Please know though that I am extremely picky on whom I recommend. I also have a bit of a waiting list for approvals.


My promise to you

I know that this sounds cheesy, but my promise to you is to always give you my best. If you sign up for either my newsletter or my LEARN SEO course, you will not be disappointed. Providing you with good, helpful information is now my full time job.

Thank you!