The webspam team made a mistake and forgot to remove a penalty.

Several times a week I get an email from a concerned site owner who has received a notification from Google that their link based penalty has been revoked, but yet the manual spam actions viewer still shows that a penalty is there.  It appears that there is a disconnect between the timing of penalty notifications and quite often it can take a few days for the spam actions viewer to show you that there is no longer any manual action on your site.  So, when Evan Pryce contacted me with the same question, I referred him to the post that I wrote that explains that the manual spam actions viewer can still show a penalty for a few days after it has been removed.

However, in Evan’s case, seven days had passed since he received notification of his client’s penalty being removed.  I usually tell people that if you have been waiting for more than a week then you should apply for reconsideration again just in case a mistake has happened.  When Evan went to do so he found that there was no “Request a Review” button on his screen:

No Request Review button


Normally you would see a bright red “Request a Review” button below the message.  If this button is missing then there is no way for you to ask the webspam team to have another look at your site’s manual action.

What followed from here is very interesting and I thought it would be worthwhile to write about this story in the hopes that it helps others who may fall victim to a mistake on behalf of the webspam team.  Evan agreed and gave me permission to use the images that appear in this story.

A sitewide penalty

Evan Pryce works for Suso Digital and has successfully removed several manual penalties.  He was approached by a large Indian brand which was a several billion dollar company with a large international presence.  This company’s website was given a sitewide unnatural links penalty on April 3, 2014, which decimated their traffic.  Here is a screenshot of their search impressions as seen in Webmaster Tools:

Sitewide manual penalty - WMT impressions

Yikes. With a sitewide penalty, often what happens is that a company loses almost their entire search presence including keywords and brand terms.  The financial impact of this penalty was huge.

Evan’s team went to work doing a thorough link audit and link removal campaign.  On April 14, 2014 they filed for reconsideration.  They were thrilled to find this message in WMT on April 21:

Penalty Revoked Message

The feeling of receiving a manual spam action revoked message never gets old.  I love sending that email off to a client to tell them that all of our hard work has succeded!  And I especially love, in the case of sitewide penalties watching the site reappear for brand terms, and often a good number of keywords as well.  Sometimes it does take a couple of days though.

But Evan’s client did not return to brand terms.  And after a week of waiting, the site was still nowhere to be seen on Google and losing money daily.

The solution

I suggested to Evan that he contact John Mueller.  John is a Google employee who is excellent at helping  site owners with their Google problems.  Poor John must get so many emails and Google+ messages so I try to only contact him when absolutely necessary.  What I generally recommend is to start a thread in the Google Webmaster Help Forum first.  That way you can explain the situation in detail.  Sometimes a volunteer or Google employee in the forum can help.  But, if not, then you can point John to the forum thread.  Evan sent John a quick email to explain that the penalty had been lifted but that after a week had passed there was no return to rankings and there was no request a review button so he could not ask the web spam team to look again.  John responded to Evan within an hour and said he’d look in to it.  Now….if you contact John he doesn’t always respond, but if there is an issue that needs addressing, he’ll be sure to bring it to the attention of someone on the team.

Later on that day, here is what the client’s manual actions viewer showed:

No spam action

The penalty was truly lifted.  Within a day the site was ranking well again for brand terms as well as several other terms that had plummeted when the penalty was administered.  You can see here that things are starting to improve:

WMT recovery starting

What happened?

In this case, it appears that the webspam team made a mistake.  Now, it is not uncommon for some sites to see no improvement in rankings after a penalty is lifted, especially if the penalty was a partial match one.  However, the problem here was that the manual spam actions viewer was still showing that the penalty was in place which indicates that the penalty really was not lifted.  In a Webmaster Central Hangout a similar situation was described to John Mueller and he said the following, “The reconsideration got processed.  We saw you did all the right things, but somehow for whatever reason it got stuck on our side.  We sent you a confirmation that the reconsideration request worked out, but we forgot to remove it on our side…Another reconsideration request probably fixes that more or less automatically.”  Reconsideration requests are reviewed by human beings and mistakes certainly can happen.

The scary thing in this case is that Evan had no way to request another review.  If he had not known to contact John, this company would still have no Google presence.

Have a similar story?

Have you been in a situation where the webspam team made a costly mistake?  If so, leave a comment below.



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  1. 02 мая 2014 года получил ответ:
    Запрос на повторную проверку сайта отменены меры в отношении спама, принятые вручную.
    Но ручные меры не были сняты, мы ждали месяц, все бесполезно.
    05 июня 2014 года отправили повторно сайт на проверку.
    11 июня 2014 года получил ответ:
    Запрос на повторную проверку сайта ссылки на Ваш сайт нарушают рекомендации Google по обеспечению качества
    За все время пока мы работали по устранению штрафных санкций, написали тысячи писем и тем самым уменьшили количество ссылок на наш сайт с 18000 тысяч до 3500 тысяч.
    Вопрос: Мне надо заново пересмотреть оставшиеся 3500 тысячи ссылок и попробывать избавиться от них? Мы работали по выходу из штрафных санкций более года!
    Заранее спасибо за ответ!
    Владелец сайта
    С Уважением Холоднов Сергей

    • Here’s a translation of this message according to Google translate:

      “May 2, 2014 received the answer: Request for re-check the site canceled measures against spam, taken manually.
      But manual steps have been removed, we waited a month, all to no avail.
      June 5, 2014 was sent to check the website again.
      June 11, 2014 received a reply:
      Request for re-check the website http://www. /: links to your site is abusing Google’s quality guidelines
      For all the time while we worked to eliminate penalties, wrote thousands of letters, and thereby reduce the number of links to our site from 18 million to 3.5 million.
      Q: I need to rethink the remaining 3,500 options to try and get rid of them? We have worked to overcome the penalties for over a year!
      Thanks in advance for your reply!
      The site owner
      Sincerely Kholodnov Sergey”

      Thanks for your question Sergey. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble passing at reconsideration. It definitely can be difficult. By far the most common reason for not passing is that there are still unnatural links present that you have not addressed.

      I wrote a thorough article on Search Engine Watch about a number of reasons why a reconsideration request could fail:

      Perhaps that will help. If not, I do offer a failed reconsideration request review. You can contact me for the details.

      I’ve had a number of cases that are really difficult but eventually every penalty does have the ability to be lifted.

  2. Hello

    We had this issue and our penalty has lifted but its 10 days and still our traffic not coming up.

    • Unfortunately it happens quite often that traffic won’t increase after a penalty is lifted. If it’s a sitewide penalty then we often see a big increase once brand terms return. But, if it’s a partial penalty then Google has stopped counting a lot of link equity that used to be helping the site.

      In some cases you can start to see improvement once Penguin refreshes provided you have enough good links.

      There’s more info here:

  3. In oktober 2017 my website hasbeen attack by japan seo hack so all meta description in japan character so i move in new vps and build again with same domain plus ssl certificate but still deindexed

    • Do you have a manual action, or anything showing in the security section of Google Search Console? If you have been deindexed because of the hack, then there should be an opportunity to request reconsideration.

      If not, then I’d submit the site via Google Search Console.

      Also, make absolutely sure that the site is not being blocked by either a noindex tag or a robots.txt block. It might sound silly, but I’ve seen it happen before.

  4. Hi, we submitted a reconsideration request friday and got a reply the friday night saying the penalty had been adjusted or revoked but it is still visible in webmaster tools with no change. This is for

    Also this domain is being redirected to a new domain which also had the same penalty (I believe it was transferred across domains).

    Did they process for both domains? We send yet another reconsideration request asking for details.

    Our first request was sent on April 12th still no reply from that domain (we sent an addition one as well within this period).

    But we got a reply for the .com on the same day, why is that?

    • My apologies for the delayed response here. It can take 3-5 days for the manual actions viewer to show that a penalty has been lifted, so hopefully this has resolved for you.

      You may need to apply specifically for both domains. It can take up to 6 weeks for a response. That said, if you are still seeing a manual action in domain #2 and not in #1, there is no harm in sending in another reconsideration request.

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