MHC in Wix SEO Competition

Update: As of December 19th, 2019 we are the official winners of the Wix SEO Competition. You can read our concluding thoughts on the competition here

We are thrilled to announce that Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. has been chosen as one of the two competing teams in the 2019 Wix SEO contest. 

Some of you may be wondering why we entered this contest. We almost didn’t after seeing this tweet from John Mueller.

John Mu tweet on SEO contests

Gulp. It doesn’t happen often that we disagree with John. We think this contest will be an amazing experience for our team. 

What is the Wix SEO Contest?

Some of you may remember that Wix ran a contest in 2016 that was quite controversial. In that contest, the goal was to rank a website higher than Wix’s own website, for the term “SEO Hero”. The contest was controversial because it was unclear whether some sites were ranking on the power of unnatural links, or whether some sites were the victim of negative SEO attempts. 

This contest is different. In this contest, there are only two teams and Liquid Interactive. If, by December 2019 we outrank their website for the phrase “Wix SEO”, we’ll win $25,000. If we lose, we earn $10,000 and plenty of extra knowledge.

Seriously? We’re the Wix lovers team?

We put our name in the ring to be one of the teams selected to run the website We initially were going to apply to run the “wixseohaters” site, as our initial impression about Wix was that their websites tend to not perform as well in search as sites built on other platforms. Everybody knows that Wix sites are not good for SEO, right?

After doing some research, it looks like Wix has been working hard to remedy many of the issues that caused concerns for SEO in the past. We wanted to test this out!

We also thought that our team would learn a lot by creating a site and trying to get it to rank well. While many of the staff at MHC have created websites, we have several staff members who have not. We’re really excited to take this site from nothing but a domain name to, hopefully, a site that will rank well. 

What can you expect from us?

We’re not going to outline our whole strategy here as we are sure that the Wix Haters are watching what we do. We’ll certainly be watching what they do!

Our goal though is to create a site that is loaded with useful content, optimize that content, get links to the content in ways that comply with Google’s guidelines, and learn a whole bunch in the process.