Happy International Women’s Day to all of the women SEOs, content creators, web devs, and anyone else who might be reading this! This year for International Women’s Day, we thought we’d introduce you to the women of MHC, and some of the shining stars we’ve included in our newsletter. We are very proud to say that half of our team is composed of strong, charismatic women.

international women's day at marie haynes consulting


Here’s an introduction to the women of MHC:

Marie Haynes - Owner

marie haynes in black and white

By now you have likely familiarized yourself with our CEO. You know, Marie in “Marie Haynes Consulting”. Marie has worked in SEO since 2008 after switching career paths as a former veterinarian. She found her passion in Google’s algorithms, helping sites recover from penalties and sharing her findings with the community. You can find Marie on Twitter at @marie_haynes or listen to her podcast to stay up to date with her theories and thoughts on Google.

Cassandra Downton - Training Manager

cass in black and whiteThe first woman to join the team, Cass’s career with MHC has developed into an integral role in the company. She began auditing websites like the other initial team members, but has since grown into a mentor for teaching and developing SEO auditors. Always on Twitter, Cass is scouring for the latest newsletter content and keeps the team up to date on the newest changes in the industry. If your content was added to our newsletter, she’s the one to thank!

Summar Bourada - Marketing Manager

summar in black and whiteOh hello. Yes, I am the one writing this. I’m Summar, the marketing manager at MHC. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything here, but have found my position in managing our weekly newsletter and social media. I also co-founded our wellness committee to prioritize mental health in the workplace and implement fun, team-building activities. If you ever want to challenge MHC to trivia, I’m the gal to call. When not working at MHC, you can find me on my website raising funds and awareness for women’s mental and physical health.

Uly Neves - Junior SEO Auditor

uly in black and whiteUly dazzled the team with her uniqueness during the interview period. She is bold, brave and shockingly well-structured. Quickly on the rise to senior analyst, Uly helps teach the team how to better themselves everyday. She is engrossed in her local community through volunteering, giving back and helping others do the same, conscientious of our impact on our communities. If you want help managing workloads or utilizing your time, Uly is the expert. We are fortunate to have her as an influential member of our team.

Bre Baumken - Junior SEO Auditor

bre in black and whiteWinner of the “Most Improved Player” at the MHC awards, Bre has awed us with her strides in becoming a senior analyst. Never ceasing to make us laugh at her forthright candor, she helps us make the workday more enjoyable. She has excelled in link auditing and managing client relationships and we are eager to see how she develops into a senior auditor.

Jamie Larock - Digital Marketing Trainee

jamie larockThe newest woman to join the team, Jamie surprised us with her delightful demeanor. She is tastefully funny, and never ceases to amaze us with her ability to learn SEO practices so quickly. As a newer team member, we cannot wait to see where Jamie lands within the MHC team because we know it will be truly impactful.

Shining a light on women in the industry:

For the past couple of months, we’ve been adding SEOs in our weekly newsletter we recommend you follow. I’ve included some of them here to once again showcase great women in the industry. This is only a snippet of the incredibly talented women in marketing. We highly recommend you give them all a follow on Twitter and show them your support. Tweet us with any others you recommend we follow. This is just the beginning! 


Amanda Jordan

This week’s to watch is Amanda Jordan, the Director of Digital Strategy at RicketyRoo. They’re a digital marketing agency that does local SEO, PPC, and site design for small to medium sized businesses. You should follow Amanda on Twitter because her tweets are always an excellent collection of interesting news, discussion points, and tips about all facets of SEO and local SEO. If you are interested in getting more involved in speaking engagements, Amanda also regularly retweets and amplifies opportunities from people looking for speakers, podcast guests, or even just looking to connect with people who do a niche thing.


Brie Anderson

This week’s to watch is Brie E Anderson, who owns the digital marketing agency BEAST Analytics. In addition to auditing and coaching, Brie is a total pro with Analytics and regularly shares tips, jokes, and SEO advice on Twitter. For the Super Bowl, Brie provided us with some SEO-tainment by live tweeting the ad breaks with data and musings about the effectiveness of those 30 second, $6 million dollar slots (are people still talking about Coinbase’s QR code?). You can also hear Brie chatting about data-driven SEO with the always delightful Jason Barnard on his most recent Kalicube Tuesdays webinar. Two very smart people talking about Analytics — what could be better?!


Jamie Indigo

This week’s one to watch is someone who is a bit more focused on the technical aspects of SEO, JavaScript in particular. Jamie Indigo is currently a senior technical SEO analyst at Deepcrawl, and you can find them all over the place sharing information about how search engines crawl, render, and index content. Basically, if you’re wondering anything about Google’s rendering process, Jamie is your expert.

If you’re like us and also interested in the ethics in SEO and the responsibilities we have as marketers to incorporate ethics into our digital spaces, then not only should you be following Jamie on Twitter, but we’re also recommending that you check out the webinar series that Jamie is doing at Deepcrawl called Human First. Jamie and Ashley Berman Hale (VP of Professional Services at Deepcrawl) are using this space to examine ethics in marketing and the responsibilities we have as marketers and technology specialists.


Myriam Jessier

This week’s SEO to watch is Myriam Jessier. Myriam is an expert in SEO, analytics, and Google Ads at a boutique marketing agency called PRAGM. You can regularly find Myriam sharing her expertise: she speaks at conferences, works as a marketing trainer, and is just all around super helpful and interesting on Twitter. Just last week, Myriam was the guest host of #SEOchat, and she chose to focus on hreflang as the topic (for the unfamiliar, you can follow along by looking at the recent tweets containing #SEOchat). She also regularly drops helpful tips and tidbits, such as a reminder to use rel=canonical on any page variants you create for A/B testing in order to ensure that your main version of the page receives any benefits the variant pages may accrue. 


Amanda Natividad

This week, our marketer to watch is Amanda Natividad. Amanda, currently the VP of Marketing at SparkToro, has some really great tips on content marketing and building a personal brand online. Amanda’s recent tweet thread includes five questions to ask yourself in order to align your goals and take control over your personal brand’s narrative. What a great way to kick off 2022 in an authentic and purposeful way!


Areej AbuAli

There’s a good chance you’ll already be familiar with this week’s SEO to watch, Areej AbuAli (@areej_abuali), who is an in-house SEO and founder of the incredible Women in Tech SEO (WTS) community. Follow Areej on Twitter for insight about technical and on-site SEO, developing and growing an online community, as well as perspectives on agency-side versus client-side SEO. In fact, Areej just published an enjoyable article featuring her thoughts on what she has learned about starting, running, and growing a community of like-minded individuals focused on sharing their knowledge of SEO and learning from their peers. We’re huge fans of the work Areej and the WTS community as a whole has done in elevating and empowering women in SEO.


Claire Carlile

This week’s marketer to watch is Claire Carlile. If you do any work in the local SEO space, she’s an absolute must follow on Twitter. In addition to offering freelance SEO and local SEO services, Claire is also a frequent speaker at conferences, a Local Search Expert at BrightLocal, and a faculty member at LocalU. She’s an absolute wealth of knowledge! In fact, Claire’s Guide to UTM Tagging for Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) is one of our favourite pieces of content we saw this year


Gisele Navarro

Gisele Navarro, CEO of NeoMam Studios. Follow her (@ichbinGisele) if you’re looking for tweets and articles about creating good content, PR strategies, as well as advice and thoughts on running a fully remote PR agency.


Olga Zarzeczna

This week, we want to spotlight Olga Zarzeczna! An awesome SEO and content creator, Olga’s tips regularly benefit our newsletter. We definitely recommend adding her to your SEO Twitter lists.