Mobile-First Indexing – The Complete Guide


Does Google know if content is accurate? A review of a page struggling to rank behind potentially inaccurate & unhelpful content.

Why is this page ranking poorly behind one with less helpful / accurate information? We’ve been digging into the treasure trove of information given to us in the DOJ vs Google trial exhibits and testimonies to understand more about how Search works. (The afternoon of day 24 is the Pandu Nayak testimony that I can’t […]

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This is part 3 of my series working to understand more about the attributes in the recently discovered Google API files. Part 1: What is this “leaked” Google documentation? Part 2: What are attributes? Navboost is one of Google’s core ranking algorithms. It uses user click data to help refine a bunch of search results […]

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There’s still hope for September HCU impacted sites

Google’s Danny Sullivan and John Mueller both made comments on social media that give me hope that sites impacted by the September Helpful Content update may still have a chance of seeing some form of recovery with Google’s next core update. Travel blogger Katie Caf Travel has been working hard on improving her site, and […]

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