Something strange is happening with canonical links in GSC


The September helpful content update: Why you were affected and what you can do

A major Google update starting Sept 14 aims to reduce unhelpful content. Sites across niches like recipes dropped. Real-world experience is now key. To recover, remove unhelpful content or improve it. Passionately create helpful, engaging content if you have true expertise. This update is terribly disappointing for many, but may usher in a new era […]

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Should you remove/noindex content if you have an unhelpful content suppression? My theory.

Google's documentation on the helpful content system does not give us specific instructions for recovery. Their article on this system hints in a couple of places that the key to removing a suppression at the hands of this system is to "remove unhelpful content." However, they don't give much to specifically tell us which content […]

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Thoughts on how SpamBrain detects and neutralizes artificial links

Have you wondered how Google is able to detect and stop artificial link building schemes designed to unfairly manipulate search rankings? SpamBrain, one of Google's artificial intelligence systems, allows them to neutralize the impact of manufactured links. SpamBrain makes it so that Google can neutralize unnatural links rather than penalize for them. It's not perfect, […]

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