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February 8, 2019 – Google Help Hangout Notes

This week John had some great insight on the Quality Raters Guide, which we are big fans of, when it comes to a the trustworthiness of a website. Below are the hand picked questions and answers we thought were the most helpful for SEOs. Full video and transcription below! How does Google interpret a page when h tags are used instead of <p>? 4:34 I don’t see […]

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How to add a new user in Google Search Console

Did you know that there are two working versions of Google Search Console? You can access the “old” version of GSC here. However, most of what you will find useful in GSC is currently available in the “new” version which you can reach here. If an SEO has asked for access to GSC, really you only need to add them in the “new” version. How to add […]

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February 5, 2019 – Google Help Hangout Notes

John is back! Here are some of the best questions asked and answers from the recent Webmaster Helpl Hangout. This week John answered some great questions regarding 302 Redirects, Page Speed, and best practices for merging subdomains. Full video and transcript at the end! Can you block one part of a page, like a video from Google? 1:16 I think that’s kind of tricky because there is […]

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