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Closing thoughts on the Wix SEO competition, and how we made our final push

We were thrilled to emerge victorious in the recent SEO contest put on by Wix. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! 🏆 The #WixSEOBattle has ended. After 6 months of battling it out, @WixSEOLovers outranked @WixSEOHaters. Congrats, Marie Haynes Consulting, for taking home $25K! Watch Judge @LukaszZelezny with the results.@Marie_Haynes @liquidint #SEO — Wix (@Wix) December 19, 2019 First of all, thanks to Wix for […]

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The November 8, 2019 Google Update may have been a link related update

The November 8, 2019 Google update may have been a link related update Google has been much better lately at informing the SEO community about large algorithm updates. On November 8, 2019, however, Google appears to have pushed out a significant update. They have said nothing about this update other than these tweets: What can we learn from these tweets? Here is our interpretation: Google ran several […]

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Q&A with Gary IIlyes – Pubcon Vegas 2019

Jennifer Slegg challenged Gary Illyes with some excellent questions at Pubcon Vegas this year. Of all of the Google employee AMA’s I have attended, this was the most valuable. I want to thank Gary for giving us such helpful answers. I was personally in the session and live tweeted the whole thing. Because there was so much helpful information I decided to write it all down in […]

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