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Does disavowing links work in 2019? Here are some case studies.

Does Disavowing Links Work in 2019?  Last updated June 8, 2020 Is there any benefit to using Google’s disavow tool if you do not have a manual action? In this article, we will discuss some case studies of sites that appear to have benefitted from disavowing a large number of links previously made for SEO reasons. We will also share some cases in which site owners saw […]

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Meet the MHC Team at Pubcon

Come visit us at our Pubcon booth!  For the first time ever, our team will have a booth at Pubcon! You can find us Tuesday and Wednesday in the exhibit hall from 10 to 5. We hope you’ll come and visit, ask us questions and have an MHC auditor spend some time looking at your site. We will be having our senior SEO team complete brief, condensed […]

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Is Google suppressing alternative health sites? How Google could measure scientific consensus.

Is Google suppressing health sites that contradict scientific consensus? We think they are! In this article we will discuss our thoughts on why this is happening, how Google is accomplishing this, and also what you can do to improve your website so that this change to Google’s core ranking algorithm does not cause issues for your business. The last year has been challenging for most health sites […]

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