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What Google says about negative SEO

This article is a summary of everything I could find that was a statement from Google in regards to negative SEO.  Do they admit that it can happen?  Is it a common occurrence.  In a few places in this article I have given my opinion or commentary, but the majority of the article is quoted from Google employees. You might be interested in similar articles: What Google […]

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Are you confused about guest posting? Here’s what Google says you can safely do.

Recently there has been a lot of confusion surrounding guest posting and whether or not links from guest posts are all to be considered unnatural.  Rand Fishkin stirred up a good debate when he published an article called “Dear Google, Links from YouMoz Don’t Violate Your Quality Guidelines.”  He wrote the article because a penalized site owner had been given a link from a YouMoz guest post […]

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Here is what Google says about footer links and penalties.

Updated July 4, 2019 This article was originally published in 2014. It is still applicable at the time of editing in 2019.  There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether or not linking in the footer of clients’ sites back to your site would be considered unnatural by Google.  Recently, in a Whiteboard Friday video on, Cyrus Shepard, whom I respect greatly, said […]

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