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Disavowing in 2019 and beyond – the latest info on link auditing

Last Updated: June 8, 2020 Are you trying to decide on whether or not you should submit a disavow file to Google? There is a lot of confusing information available online. In this article, we will explain our current thoughts on auditing links and filing a disavow with Google. Marie HaynesDr. Marie Haynes is recognized as a leader in the SEO industry and has 10+ years of […]

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My review of Moz’s spam tool. I ran some tests and here is what I found…

Edit: When I first heard about Moz’s spam tool it sounded like they were marketing it as a completely automated disavow creator tool.  After reading the comments on the Moz announcement, especially those from Rand, it sounds like this is not their intention and that the goal is to let people use this tool in conjunction with a manual review. Still, this is not clear when you go […]

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Switching to https? What happens to your disavow?

I have had a number of questions about this recently so I thought it would be good for me to write an article that would help to explain what happens to your disavow file when you switch to https. Does changing to https mean that you are starting over with a fresh disavow file? If Penguin refreshes soon, and you make a switch to https today, does […]

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